Literature adds twist

Life seems too hectic sometimes. You just feel like taking a break and go out somewhere, where no one will be there to disturb your peace. Just you and your soul! Has this ever happened to you too? Yes, might be. It's just a natural thing to happen. After all jo human brains can function when tired and exhausted more than highest tolerance power of yours. Sometimes it so happens, you wanna go out, somewhere out alone with nature but cannot!
What else can help then? Yeah, caught it right! They are books. The vast open literature. It adds up the twist and turns to the life, to the world where in you have transformed by reading, be it a book, a novel, even though a small piece of article is far enough to enlighten that spark in you!
Those letters bundled up to words and words to letters, act as healing agent for some, for some as a ray of hope! So if you all haven't yet experienced this, come on people, just start it right now!