At Whoof-Whoof dog training in delhi advisor will go to your home to assist you with making a training framework that is custom-fitted to your puppy's particular character attributes, propensities and demeanor. You are in charge at all times and get the opportunity to choose how YOU need your dog to fit into your way of life.

Stage 1.

2 Hour Foundation Consultation

We suggest that you begin assembling a sound establishment for your puppy with an underlying two hour home counsel that incorporates general dog training in delhi just as:

1- Way of life direction

2- Fundamental dog brain research

 3-Can training

4-Perfect eating regimen for you dog

5-Revising undesirable conduct

6-Compensating great conduct

7-Mingling your puppy with different dogs and individuals

8-Making limits/confinements

9-Implementing rules

Step by step instructions to gain your puppy's trust and regard

This is the establishment of making a fair and solid relationship and assists with raising a quiet, adjusted, upbeat and polite dog.

Stage 2.

1 Hour Follow Up Consultations

At the point when you puppy gets somewhat more seasoned our specialist can return for further developed follow up counsels. These one hour follow up meetings are for increasingly explicit dog training in delhi for any region you pick.. You can go the extent that you like with training relying upon your requirements.

1-We can show your dog to

2-Strolling tranquilly close by on lead without pulling

3-Returning when called

4-Off lead training

5-Rules and limits at home

6-Welcome visitors tranquilly

7-Conduct difficulties your puppy may have created with development

8-Carrying on openly puts

These counsels should be possible both at home or out in open where you are require the particular training. We can meet you at a recreation center, sea shore or bistro and so on.