Teaching children can be a real challenge; it’s safe to say. This is especially true with the current Covid-19 pandemic that puts extra stress on everyone, both students and teachers alike. However, if you follow our top tips for coping with rambunctious young learners, you’ll hopefully see benefits in a happier and calmer classroom – be that an online class or a physical one.

Top Tips to Teaching Children

If you are struggling to keep young children engaged and focused in class, our top tips may be able to help you have better success with them!

#1 Stay Calm and Don’t Shout 

This is the most important tip that we can give for teachers and parents to teach young children. Stay calm and patient, or at the very least pretend to be, when dealing with young learners; this is important as letting your emotions get the better of you will often serve simply to rile up already excited kids. Staying calm will help to keep the classroom environment calmer, too.

#2 Make it Fun!

Young children aren’t going to focus for long periods of time while listening to their teacher talking to them; so, it’s important to make lessons engaging and fun! There are many different ways to make your classes fun and enjoyable; including games from an online game-based learning platform such as our own can be a great way to pull this off. As well as this, activities such as singing songs and getting the children up on their feet while learning can also be effective. 

#3 Don’t Rush!

Finally, make sure that you take things slowly and patiently when it comes to teaching young children, as this will prove to be essential for making sure they understand everything properly. It can naturally take young children longer to learn new things than an older student, and their lack of focus can further complicate this. So, don’t rush things. Introduce new ideas slowly and give the children plenty of chance to ask questions and come to terms with the new content.

For More Teaching Ideas…

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