How amazing is this spirit of Man

In spite of innumerable failures, Man, throughout the ages, has sacrificed his life and all that he held dear for an ideal cause, for truth, for reality, for faith, for country, for dignity and honour. That ideal might have changed or dulled over the years, but that tremendous capacity for self-sacrifice continues, and, because of that, much may be forgiven to Man, and it is impossible to lose hope for him.

In the midst of disasters, man has not lost his dignity or his faith in the values he cherished. In spite of being a mere plaything of nature's mighty forces, less than a speck of dust in this vast universe, he has hurled defiance at the supernatural and elemental powers, and with his single dedicated mind which happens to be the cradle of revolution, sought to master these external  forces !

Whatever Gods there may be, there is some godliness or something godlike in man, as there is also something of the devil or satan in him !

The future is nevertheless dark and uncertain. But we can see part of the way leading to the end of the tunnel and can tread the path with firm steps remembering that nothing, that can happen, is likely to overcome the spirit of Man, the spirit of homo sapiens which has survived so many perils and disasters ; thereby also remembering the fact that life, for all its ills, has joy and beauty, and that we can always wander in the enchanted woods of nature !

What else is wisdom - nothing but Man's endeavour, resolution and determination to fight for a noble cause and for survival !

I see a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. Long live homo sapiens !!