Things To Keep In Mind About Financial Advisor Fees And Charges

When one goes out to hire a financial advisor, there are several things that they pay attention to like the experience, qualification, services, etc. But one factor that people tend to forget is the overall fees and cost of getting a financial advisor. 

Hiwvrere, this is one of the most crucial factors, especially if one is planning to hire a wealth manager for the long term. In investing and getting a proper return, the cost of the financial planner also counts. It will decide how much one will be paying in the long term to the advisor and if the cost is fair. Read further to know about financial advisor fees and who are fee-only advisors.

Learn to know how much you should pay your financial advisors

Every financial planner and advisor is different than others in the market. This not only counts there experience but there cost as well. The cost of the financial advisors can change based on the type of advising, type of portfolio, the client's financial goals, and how much time the planner needs to give to the client.  

In general, the type of charges and fees tend to different from planner to planner. Some of the common types of charges and fees are:

  1. Hourly charges: this type of fee is charged when a financial advisor is advising for a certain project or for a certain investment type. These are charged on a per hour basis. On average these fees can be up to $200 to $400 per hour.

  1. Annual fees: this type fo fee is charged when the financial advisor is hired for the long term. Usually, in this, the planner si kept on a retainer and a certain annual fee is paid to them. On average a financial advisor’s annual fee can range from $2000 to $6000.

  1. Fixed fees: this kind of fee is paid when the client is paying for portfolio creations or for any certain service. Here, the advisor will only be creating a financial plan, and their services are stalled after that. On the average per plan, fees can range from $2000 to $3000.

  1. % of assets under management: the number of investments under a financial advisor is counted as the assets under management. In certain cases, the advisors tend to charge a percentage of the total value of the assets under management from their clients. On average, this percentage can range from 1% to 1.5%.

  1. Performance fees: this is the type of fee that is paid to the financial advisor if their performance exceeds a certain benchmark.

Usually, the financial advisors tend to charge either one type of these fees or a certain combination of these fees. Usually, when financial advisors are hired only for a limited time project or for certain services, the fees tend to be either annual, fixed, or hourly based.

But, all the long term clients tend to pay an asset under management percentage. It is seen that the AUM percentage tends to go higher if the account value of the client is low, and the percentage goes if the account value is high. In general, an account value of $1 million might have to pay an AUM of 1.1% approximately. Other than the fees of the financial advising, one will also have to pay for some extra third party fees like mutual funds fees or exchange-traded funds fees. Therefore, one should be aware of the additional costs as well, as they tend to add up to the final fees. 

What is Fee-Only Financial Advising?

When it comes to financial advising, two types can be found. One is the fee-only financial advising and the other one is the fee-based financial advising. In the former, the advisor gets a fixed fee from the clients and that is only earning from a project. In the latter, however, the advisor gets a commission from third parties as well.

Fee-only advisors are the most common ones in the wealth management industry. They are almost like fiduciaries. They simply do not give the advice to sell products, as there is no commission involved based on how many instruments one gets to sell.

In this, the clients pay for the services and, therefore, a financial advisor needs to make sure that only those advice are given which will prove beneficial for the client's financial prospects. A financial planner must work according to the fiduciary responsibilities, thus fee-only advisor is effective for wealth management.

Hiring a fee-only advisor means there will fewer conflicts reading the interest of the clients and advisor. One wants the best advisor and helps and the other one will get paid for good advice. Therefore, there is no other objective in this relation. Also one can find a variety of financial advisor fee options to choose from, based on one's financial goals and projects. Here, the advice and benefit of the clients is the main goal which makes the entire relation beneficial for both the financial planner and the client. 

Find a Fee-only financial advisors

Now that it is clear that who are fee-only financial advisors. It is time that one pays attention to certain points that will help to find a good and trustworthy fee-only financial advisor. 

  • Get a referral: ask family members, friends, or a colleague to see if they have a fee-only financial advisor in the retainer or have ever taken advice from any. This will help in finding a good advisor who has already worked with someone close before.

  • Research online and in databases: one can always find several databases where it is easy to find names of financial advisors. Also, one can turn to wealth management firms, to find a financial advisor.

  • Ask about fee structure: always make it clear about what type of service one is looking for. Usually, it is the type of service that decides what will be the fee structure. Make it clear with the financial advisor about what type of fees they charge, and if there is any additional cost levied as well.

Final words

Financial advisors are plenty out there, but finding the right one that will suit one's objectives and goals is the key point. Several factors should be taken into consideration while choosing a financial planner. But fees and charges should be taken into note as well. Therefore, one should find the best fee-only advisor and get the best financial help at a fixed rate. 

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