In 2022, it is not enough just having a website. In order to get your website noticed by Google and search engines, you need to take the correct approach to get eyes onto your website. In this article, I outline 22 ways to get your website noticed in 2022 so that you can attract more visitors to your website and ultimately, grow your business.

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Here are 22 ways to get your website noticed:

  1. Optimise website for specific keywords 

  2. Improve website’s loading speed 

  3. Optimise website’s user usability

  4. Fix any missing 404 links and look into 301 redirect links

  5. Verify your website with Google

  6. Verify your website with Bing

  7. Create New Content - content should be relevant and have volume

  8. Reskin existing, well performing content 

  9. Use more enticing titles

  10. Use more engaging images 

  11. Reach out for collaborations with other websites 

  12. Increase your domain’s authority and backlinks

  13. Ask for Reviews!

  14. Recommendations from previous customers

  15. Business directories

  16. Local business events 

  17. Social Media Posts

  18. Video Content

  19. Forums

  20. Create promotions through the website

  21. Start a Google Ads Campaign

  22. Start a Facebook Ads Campaign

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