Universal Wireless Car Charger

If you've got an iPhone or Android smartphone with wireless charging capabilities, you've probably already picked up a wireless charging pad for your office or home -- but maybe not for your car. Here's a look at our top picks for the best Universal wireless car charger, all of which include the mount option. Just as with wireless charging pads, wireless car chargers require power and have a cable that runs into your car's cigarette lighter -- so it's not a completely wireless experience as you charge your phone. However, it's nice to not need to plug a cable into your smartphone whenever you hop into your car hoping to urge your phone fully charged.

Wireless Charger For iPhone 

The idea of an ideal future may be a world without wires, a world where you are doing not get exasperated when all of your wires are during a big fat tangle because there will be no wires in the least to urge knotted up. Thanks to modern technology and wireless gadgets aren't a thing of flicks anymore. From headphones to wireless chargers we've it beat the modern-day. Here is the best Wireless Charger For iPhone


Affordable Fast Wireless Charger

this Charging Pad Advantage: Join the 20 million+ powered by our leading technology.

Faster Wireless Charging: Fast Charge Mode enables wireless charging up to 2⨉ faster. Note: Remove protective cases to ensure effective charging.

Premium Design: LED indicators, non-slip pad, and compact build to make sure simple and convenient charging.

Advanced Safety Features: Exclusive MultiProtect technology provides temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more.

What You Get: Everthingo Affordable Fast Wireless Charger (Single-Coil Wireless Fast Wireless Charger), 3ft Micro USB cable (wall charger not included).

48W Quick USB 3.0 Charger

Got a USB cable? Forget charging from a laptop. Stick your cable into the AC plug that came together with your phone and plug that into the wall. Standard AC plugs deliver 1 amp of current, twice what’s possible via the USB 2.0 socket found on many computers. Third-party AC plugs may support higher amperage up to 2.4, although you’ll be limited by the amperages of your phone and your USB cable.

Our picks: Everthingo 48W Quick USB 3.0 charger ($13.99 on ) supports Quick Charge 3.0 and can charge other devices with current up to 3 amps.

Keyless Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Ever lost a key? Forgotten a password or digit combination? Or had keys within the wrong place at the incorrect time?

Imagine if, by some super force, you'll share your ‘key’ with someone during a different region, city, state –even country –in a moment. And could securely share multiple ‘keys’ instantly, yet still enjoy the arrogance too, whilst quickly, take those ‘keys’ away, without even asking or swapping one physical key!

Fortunately, this reality is here right now! A new keyless future. And with security and tracking like none bestowed before by our humble metal key.

By using your mobile device, you'll open your Smart Padlock with none physical keys, conveniently share virtual keys during a moment, take ‘keys’ away, and track your lock’s use. Keyless Smart Fingerprint Padlock is far quite a lock. Smart Padlock gives you trackable keyless security.

Automatic USB Bottle Water Pump


With our dispenser, it's no longer a problem.

You just have to replace the old bottle cap with this portable dispenser, plug the supple pipe on below side of the dispenser and the external pipe to pour the water. Automatic USB Bottle Water Pump 

Now simply press the button on top of the dispenser to pour the contents of the bottle into the glass or just place the bottle od the glass on the sensitive surface with an internal sensor.

This dispenser features a USB charger so you'll charge the battery in only two hours.

Waterproof Sport Pedometer Smart Watch


* Platform HS6620D,

* 1.3″inch Resolution 240*240 IPS color screen

* This Smart-Watch is IP68 waterproof ( you can wear it while rain, washing your hands and also swimming but just don’t put it into hot water)

* Built-in 110mAh polymer battery

* Heart Rate Blood pressure Blood oxygen Detection

* Bluetooth Push: Supports Caller, SMS Messenger, application news reminders

* Pedometer: Supports the Exercise step, consumption of calorie and mileage record

* Multi-Sport Modes: Running, walking, badminton, riding, football, basketball, rope skipping

* Application name: “DaFit”, you can download it from the ios app store or google play store

* BlueTooth 4.0, Compatible System, Requires Android4.4 & IOS9.0 and above

* More function: Motion records (step, mileage), Music control, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, calorie calculation, low battery alert, raising the bright screen, low power consumption, fast charging, vibration, exercise mode, remote camera, and intelligent alarm

*Waterproof Sport Pedometer Smart Watch

* Language Support: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese,

* Mobile Application language: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic