Although the global pandemic of COVID-19 has caused most people to stay at home every day, it is surprising that time flies quickly. In a blink of an eye we ushered in August, which is an exciting month for all Madden NFL fans, because Madden NFL 21 will be officially released on the 25th of this month.

In the previous period of time, in order to promote and hype the game, game developer EA Sports will reveal some interesting MUT 21 Coins content about the new features of the game through various channels every day. In fact, many players are indeed curious about the upcoming Madden NFL series of new games. But every year, in the first one to two months before the official release of the Madden game, players and current NFL athletes are most concerned about the players' ratings in the game.

As of last week, EA has announced on the official website the scores of all athletes that left the factory in Madden 21. Our main purpose today is to observe whether the performance of Syracuse Orange alumni in the NFL has been recognized by developers and game designers. Let's take a look at the ratings of these players:
OLB Chandler Jones (Arizona Cardinals) - 95
OG Justin Pugh (Arizona Cardinals) - 76
P Sterling Hofrichter (Atlanta Falcons) - 70
P Riley Dixon (New York Giants) - 69
OLB Zaire Franklin (Indianapolis Colts) - 66
DE Alton Robinson (Seattle Seahawks) - 65
DE Chris Slayton (New York Giants) - 61

Pugh's recent performance in NFL games is also very good, which fully shows that he is in a good recovery state. He first joined Arizona Cardinals in 2018 and signed a five-year contract, but the injuries that followed caused serious distress. Despite facing various negative conditions and pressures, Pugh still managed to Buy Madden 21 Coins become the offensive lineman with the highest scoring in the team's history after helping the team complete the 16th game of 2019. I hope that his third year in the NFL will be smooth and able to provide the audience with some exciting scenes.

Among all rookies, Hofrichter is without a doubt the best. Although he was selected two rounds later than Robinson, he still received one of the highest ratings among rookies. What's more interesting is that compared to his predecessor Dixon in Syracuse predecessor, he got higher rating. This shows that the developers of Madden 21 are obviously more optimistic about his future.

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