At a time when the entire world is busy waging a battle against a common enemy which is threatening to destroy the mankind, and at a time when efforts are being made between nations to seek each other's help and cooperation to destroy or eradicate the deadly virus, i chance upon video reports and misguided propaganda (that has gone viral) among so-called intellectuals in A.P & Telangana including NRI telugus, appealing all Hindus to save/protect the Tirupati temple and stop it from being monitored and managed by a non-Hindu who happens to be the Chairman or President of TTD (temple) board.

Let me put my views and clarifications as below :

● Firstly it is the CEO who calls the shots and is also in continuous consultation with the Chief Priest of the temple

● Secondly even if the allegation or claim of  Tirupati temple board Chairman being a non Hindu (Christian) is true, SO WHAT ?  What is the issue ?

● How does it matter so far as the temple is being governed or managed properly as per the laws of dharma or shastras, as per the temple rules and regulations via CEO & Chief priest, and so far as the pilgrims are able to seek darshan of Lord Balaji without much hindrances & hurdles.

● What difference does it make to the common man and to the devotees, whether the person at the helm of the government appointed board is a hindu or christian so far as he is facilitating the devotees to come near to Lord Balaji and seek his divine darshan & blessings. At the end of the day this is what matters !

● I bet nobody would go to Tirupati or Tirumala temple and seek to know if the temple board is being chaired by a Hindu or Christian, before seeking a darshan of Lord Balaji !

At the end, i would only request all local & NRI telugus (so called intellectuals and protectors of hindu dharma) to stop provoking religious sentiments from the comforts of your home and from the comforts of a foreign soil.

FYI : It is high time to be pragmatic !