We all get a little conscious when it comes to our diet. Some are on the quest for gaining some weight while some are on the quest of losing some weight. We all are obsessed with confectionaries/baked products such as pastries, cinnamon rolls, bread and cookies.

Cookies are everyone’s tea time favourite. One can gobble on cookies at any time. Knowingly or unknowingly, one can lose the track of the number of cookies he has had in a day. This reflects poorly on health. Not everyone is blessed with a fast metabolism. Cookies contain high amounts of sugar and added fats. They are extremely high in calories. A person who is obese has to contemplate while having a cookie. The main thing is the easy accessibility.

One can order cookies online from various grocery outlets. The cookies price differs from one company to another. There are several different varieties of cookies which are low fat and are perfect for weight watchers. Following are some of those:-

Breakfast cookie

It might sound a little cliché, but a breakfast cookie is a very convenient, delicious and a healthy start to the morning. The recipe has been designed in a way which makes it low on sugar content as compared to the average cookie. It is power-packed with nutrients. It consists of oats which are rich in fibre.

Thus, breakfast cookie zeroes down as a healthy option.

One can simply grab on them at times and won’t even need to shed weight or two!

Low-fat peach cookies

These cookies are 100% dairy-free and have no refined flour or sugar. The best part of the low-fat peach cookies is that they only have 69 calories.

With a perfect blend of juicy peaches and several spices, they can be made from scratch.

They have a texture like soft-baked granola bars. One can just use instant oats and whole wheat flour as a base ingredient. They are a perfect choice for an evening snack as they are very soft and chewy and are gluten-free.

Sugar-free apple oat cookies

The apple oat cookies are sugar-free and are very low on the calorie index as they contain only 71 calories. 

They are made with quick-cooking oats which are also called instant or one-minute oats. They soften more while baking which helps them to be soft and chewy even more than usual.

One is supposed to measure the flour and oats correctly as misproportion will either dry them out.

Natural maple syrup is used in these cookies as a sweetener. These cookies are even a part of some people’s keto diet.

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Chocolate and low fat does not go hand in hand, right? Well, you might be taken aback as these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are extremely low fat and dairy-free.

For all the vegans out there you can also make them egg-free.

Natural Banana oatmeal cookies

The natural banana cookies do not contain any flour, sugar but they still taste like normal soft cookies.

The only two ingredients one needs is banana and oats! 

If one wants a little variation, he can also add some healthy add- ons such as nuts or dry fruits. They are perfect for the people who are on the quest to lose some weight.

Blueberry oat breakfast cookies

Some recent studies show that blueberries influence and regulate fat-burning and help reduce fats and lower the levels of cholesterol. Blending in some blueberries with oats and consuming them will lead to a comprehensive weight loss plan. 

Thus, blueberry oat breakfast cookies are consumed by the people who want to lose weight.

Fibre one cookies

These cookies are made with the fibre one cereal, dried cranberries and some walnuts. Anyone can munch on these cookies without any guilt! Adding some dry fruits will enhance their taste and give them a nice crunch. 

Fig and nut breakfast cookies

If one is a fan of dry fruits like figs and nuts, then one can delve right in this chock-full of exercise-friendly ingredients. 

They are mostly preferred with a glass of milk for breakfast after a morning workout.

Oat raisin cookies

Raisins are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc. They are also known to keep your weight in check. They are excellent in curbing the untimely hunger between meals. Mixing them with oats even makes a power-packed combination. Oat raisin cookies are consumed by many weight watchers.

Whole wheat cookies

A low-calorie diet includes whole grains and the people who lose belly fat are known to consume refined grains. Eating whole wheat cookies can help us keep our weight in check.


There is no such thing called too many cookies. And if you are getting hold of healthier versions of cookies, what else can be better! These are the types of cookies all the weight watchers can indulge in without being worried about their weight. So, satiate your cookie cravings with a relishing flavour of low-fat cookies specially made for those who wish to follow a weight loss diet.