Most women don’t bother reading the content on lipstick packaging. It is sad, really, because I think most of their frequently asked questions can be answered if they invest time in reading what is printed on the bottom, sides, and even inner flaps of the bewitching custom lipstick packaging. I realized that when I spent a day with my sister-in-law, who LOVES makeup. She is my go-to person when I want to experiment with a new color and don’t have the guts to buy. A nod of approval from her means that I can invest my money to buy that new shade that has been on my mind for a month. Anyway, I digress. Last week I was given a lovely shade of powder pink lipstick that came in cake form. The gift and lipstick packaging it came in was fascinating.

The metallic golden custom lipstick box packaging was mesmerizing. It made the lipstick appear like a jewelry box in my hand. But there was a slight problem. I had only used matte lipsticks all my life. I did not know how to use this beautiful shade of pink. ‘For best results, blot it out’ read the instructions on the custom lipstick packaging. I was meeting my SIL later in the night at her place for a casual dinner. So, I thought I would ask her to help me out with it, I thought. After dinner, as we sat together, I took out the amazing custom lipstick packaging from my handbag and my SIL squealed in delight. “Oh! You HAVE TO put it on immediately”, she said. “But the trick is to blot it!” she added. “I know!” I responded. Now it was her turn to be surprised. 

She knew my knowledge about makeup was zero. So, she asked me how did I know about blotting. “Err, it is mentioned on the lipstick packaging”, I informed her. “Really?” she gasped. Apparently, she only read the names of the shades printed on the custom lipstick boxes. She was pleasantly surprised at how the lipstick boxes today include tips and tricks to help women, enhance their looks upon applying this product. We then proceeded with applying the shade and blotting it using a tissue. For a moment I thought that the instructions printed on custom lipstick boxes were bogus because it seemed to have lightened the shade. But that was not the case. Another coat of the lipstick and the impact of the lipstick doubled. It looked smooth and even, giving a fuller look to my lips.

What we Learned from Custom Lipstick Boxes

As we talked about the product, we decided we should read all the text printed on its packaging box. The first thing we noticed was a mini announcement that read ‘not animal tested’, which was a relief. Animals must not be mistreated by the cosmetic industry. It truly warmed my heart to think that there were brands that were standing up to this very serious issue and making responsible decisions. Next, we read the ingredients list printed on the custom printed boxes. We checked on the internet to learn about the ingredients that we did not have any information about and were happy to find out that no harmful chemicals were used in this formula. I knew it was a relief more for my SIL than me as she made sure she never stepped out of the house wearing lipstick and HEELS!

Another thing that we found incredibly useful printed on this custom lipstick box packaging was the expiry dates. Frankly, my lipsticks sit on my makeup rack till they start smelling funny. I was amazed to find out that they have a few months of life, after which they should be tossed out, even if they looked okay.  Using it beyond the due date exposes us to the risk of getting harmed by the toxicity of chemicals used in making this product. After finding this out, both my SIL and I have decided to read every little word printed on the custom lipstick boxes.