If you have not heard about GBA since childhood, then you have definitely missed beautiful moments from the days of your childhood. So if you are a person who plays this adventure and fun-filled game on your PC, we are here to let you know that you can access this also on your android phone. 

Few Benefits in GBA: 

What is the use of accessing something that is of no use? Here is a list of few valuable benefits that are associated with the Best GBA Emulator.

  1. The game can be used not only on your PC but also on your smart device.
  2. There is no need to have an internet connection while you are playing a game. While playing some games we need to stay connected with our Internet which will, in turn, consume all our internet. 
  3. It is completely legal to download any games in this website anyhow, sharing the copyrighted ROMs online is illegal. 

Best Gameboy Advance Emulator:

  • VBGAnext

This is considered as one of the best since it supports even the modern gamepads and as usual the old ones. 

  • My Boy

It is a super fast and super cool emulator with plenty of features available even on smartphones and tablets.

  • RetroArch

Through this, you can even interact with the other emulators. What highlights this one is there is no disturbance due to ads. There is also an ability to load the cheats while playing the games. 

Other best emulators that we would recommend are as below:

  1. John GBA
  2. GBA.emu
  3. Pizzaboy 
  4. Emubox
  5. Vinaboy Advance

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