Copywriting is the skill through which you can create an instant connection with your potential customers. It is the hook, which helps catch their interest and act as a means of increasing sales.

Here are the 8 Golden Nuggets For Copywriting that you must follow for generating the most captivating copies:

1. Adopt an outstanding sales pitch

The aim of copywriting is to catch the interest of the target audience whose attention span is very small and flittering. Hence, your sales pitch should be extraordinarily and strong enough to set apart your products in the crowd.


To achieve this purpose, you should find out the shortcomings of your competitors’ products. By mentioning these shortcomings subtly in your copy, and bringing the benefits of your products in the spotlight, you can prove the higher value of your brand to the prospective consumers.

2. Create a catchy headline

The headline of the copy is the first set of texts that are noticed by the reader. If it is attractive and clear to him, only then the reader will go on to reading the body of the text. Therefore, the headline should have compelling and informative words that serve the interests of your target audience in some way.

The best way to achieve a good headline is to write the body of the copy first. In this way, you will know what information your headline should contain to encapsulate the idea that the body conveys.


3. Write like an expert

A good copywriter strives to win the confidence of the reader. By writing like an expert, you will convince the reader that he can trust your knowledge and by doing so, he will benefit.

For this purpose, you should avoid including those words in your copy that reflect even a grain of uncertainty. The words such as ‘hope’, ‘may be’, ‘try’, and ‘may’ communicate lack of guarantee. Rather, use words such as ‘can’, ‘surely’ and ‘will’ that demonstrate your proficiency in the niche of your business.

4. Use active voice in your sentences

While writing a copy, formation of sentences plays an important role. Passive voice fails to convey messages strongly. On the other hand, the usage of active voice in your sentences always provides a positive impression about your company.

For instance, instead of writing ‘The best company award of 2012 was given to our company’, you should write – ‘In 2012, our company received the best company award.’

In the above example, the strength and focus is much clearer in the second sentence.

5. Learn about your audience and then, write

Your purpose of copywriting is to communicate to your audience in clear terms. If you speak in a language with which your audience fails to identify, your message will fall flat. Therefore, it is a must that you should learn and understand what moves your readers, and how you can send your message across.

Before you begin to write, visualize your target audience, their daily lives, the problems they face and the solutions they seek. Now, write the body using such terms and ideas with which your target audience is familiar.

6. Make your text interesting and easy to read

Holding a potential customer’s attention is a challenge. However, you can win this challenge by using simple language in your copy. As far as possible, you should avoid using industry jargons. The text should flow smoothly, and every idea should be clear.

Brevity is also an important consideration. The sentences that go beyond 20 words are long and boring. If you need to share ideas that require explanation then you should explain them through bullet points and subheadings.

7. Strike a balance between the benefits of the products and interest of the customers

It is true that the body of the copy is meant for highlighting the advantages and features of your products. However, a good copy is the one that keeps the interest of the customers too in focus.

You should not just keep on talking about your company and your products site PFMLogin. You should also mention how the customer will gain by associating himself with your company. Rather than using the word ‘we’ all the time, you should use the word ‘you’ (for the customer) as if you are speaking to him.

8. Modify your style of writing according to the destination of the copy

In order to make your copy successful in winning over more customers for your products, you should know for what you are writing the copy. The style, size, language and tone of writing vary in accordance with the platform. Hence, before you begin writing, be clear whether you are writing for a newspaper, website, blog or email and write accordingly.