Professional Shorthand Reporters, or simply known as the shorthand reporters are those whose profession involves a wide range of different jobs involving typing and other important writing instruments. They are called on for many different types of jobs by different clients in the legal, medical and business sectors. These professional shorthand reporters are adept at both types of abbreviations and are used accordingly.

For example, if there is a case of criminal litigation and one person is accused of the crime, a professional shorthand reporter will have to make the necessary contact with various officials for the information. He would have to inform them about the crime he is accused of, the exact location of where such crime is being committed and all other details that may be of help to the police or the court. Such Reporting is a very sensitive job. It is done almost everywhere in the United States and it is also done in almost every country in the world.

One can never really understand how difficult it is for professional court reporters to get information that is essential to the daily operations of the court. For that reason they try to understand their sources very well. They always try to speak to the persons who have been called and spoken to so that they can get an accurate and lucid view of the events. The reporting must always be very correct and detailed and should always be free from grammatical errors. This is a very subjective job as no two sources are the same and each one of them has its own unique set of rules.

It has been seen that sometimes these professional shorthand reporters actually prefer working in the courts of New Orleans to staying at home and filing daily copy for their clients. The working atmosphere at the New Orleans courts is very jovial and the atmosphere is such that everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. This feeling prevails even when one is filing litigation documents. The daily copy reporters of the New Orleans courts are like the stenographers of the news as they have to quickly transcribe whatever information that their sources provide them with.

There are professional New Orleans lawyers who do not let their business suffers due to the shortage of professional shorthand writers. Such professional lawyers usually form a group and meet either once or thrice a week to organize their group work. This way they can ensure that there is availability of professional shorthand writers for their cases. These professional lawyers usually get help from the local media companies who employ these professional Naplesese.

Such professional shorthand reporters are paid on a per-page basis and usually work on a fixed time frame. The payment structure varies from state to state, but they all depend on the state laws and the severity of the case. As the work goes on, the number of stenographers on a particular case goes up because the more stenographers there are on a particular day the faster the court reporting process can be completed. This is another reason why the state of New Orleans is referred to as a Nausal Code. So the next time you visit New Orleans makes sure you stay for the courts reporting process.