All of this means that these sex dolls have opened the door to larger social problems that began with the notorious one-child policy of 1980. In order to stop the consumption of natural water and food, it has a worrying effect, making people do not want To touch anything, just in case. By the end of the 1980s, 84% of newlyweds in China were virgins.

Not only is the 24-hour service for adult products, but also the self-service kiosks, the sex doll brands and factories have also developed, as if they appeared in the eyes of the public overnight.

But the key is: these sex dolls actually have social functions in China. If gender imbalances continue to intensify, the spread of these sex goods will undoubtedly help to postpone social, political and sexual issues. For the male population in China, it is much better to have a soft spot for plastic dolls than to have an international crisis.

There are three main reasons why current users of these realistic sex dolls do this. "First, meet the physiological needs." Second, take photos with others and share them with others. Third, role playing.