Re-call the past time!
Life was so simple, at peace and soothing during the past and old times? Don't you think the same ? The culture, the tradition and art, the games during the olden days were so interesting and fun loving. Today's young generation, as we see is always indulged in mobile phones and virtual world. So come let's make them meet with our own culture and tradition! The olden games, the art and the bliss that it creates. Let's make our children play the cultural and traditional indoor games. Games like tic tac toe, snake's and ladders, marbles. The natural leaf arts, etc. This will not only help your child learn about the cultural tradition but also it will try to get rid of the addition of mobile. It is not just a one day task. Just a few minutes needed to spare out, and you will see a great change. Let's start this from today, right itself here!