A solid and quality hardwood floor can cost a lot of money, but the advantages of it are numerous. Whether you want to add elegance to the interior design of your home or you want to add financial value to your property, hardwood is always a perfect choice. Although hardwood floors can be around as long as you are, they do need some special care. Cleaning something as valuable as your floor can be a bit stressful, especially if you don’t have any idea what you are doing. Without the necessary knowledge, you can easily damage the finish while trying to clean. If you don’t know anything about your floors, we are here to help you. Step one would be not damaging what you already have. Here is what you mustn’t do if you want to keep your floors shiny and happy.

  1. Dusting and cleaning products

Keep all regular cleaning products you can find at your home far away from your hardwood floor. These products will easily make expensive damage. There are solutions specially designed for hardwood cleaning. Make sure to always use those products.

  1. Excess water

Never ever use water to mop your floors. This might be the biggest mistake you can make. Water will unrepairable damages to your hardwood. You can use a wet cloth to clean some spots, but pouring water directly on the floor is absolutely forbidden.

  1. Dragging furniture and heavy objects

Do everything you can to prevent scratches and gouges. Use cotton rugs under furniture legs as protection.

  1. Ammonia and vinegar

It is fairly common advice to use ammonia or vinegar on any type of floor finish. Unfortunately, that is a huge mistake. You should never clean floors with polyurethane finish with ammonia or vinegar. The acid can damage the finish, causing your floor to look dull and dirty.