Dubai grew out of a small fishing village on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Oriental bazaars, ancient mosques and Arab teahouses in the old quarter of the city speak eloquently about its past. Today it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, where luxury hotels and state-of-the-art architecture boggle the mind.
Many people mistake Dubai for the capital of the UAE. This is not true! Millions of tourists flock to the city to see the architectural masterpiece - Burj Khalifa and go on a desert safari.
What to see in Dubai first
The sights of Dubai will not leave indifferent any tourist. Everything that is in the city comes with the prefix "largest", "highest", "largest". And the Burj Khalifa crowns this list.
Burj Khalifa
The spire of the Burj Khalifa scratches the clouds. The futuristic skyscraper looks like a huge stalagmite, created by the will of man. The tower houses residential apartments, apartments, offices, fitness rooms, swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, shops. This is a whole city in the center of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is worth a visit to anyone visiting the UAE. One of the most interesting viewing platforms is located at a height of several hundred meters. It offers a breathtaking view of the entire city and its surroundings. A particularly beautiful sight awaits visitors at dawn and at night. In addition to the observation deck, you can visit the Atmosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor of the tower.
SEC Dubai Mall
Not often you can find a shopping center among the sights of the city. But the Dubai Mall is an exception, like many things in the UAE. It is one of the most visited shopping malls in the world. All major brands are eager to open their boutiques here. If you do not consider yourself a shopaholic, then in Dubai Mall you can taste the national cuisine in one of the many restaurants, as well as take a photo against the backdrop of a multi-level waterfall. There is an aquarium and a zoo for children and adults.
Musical Fountain Dubai
The Musical Fountain is a complex technical structure that shows amazing musical numbers every day. The fountain is located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and occupies a huge area of 12 hectares. Thousands of multi-colored lamps, nozzles of different diameters, a smoke machine, powerful pumps and tons of water provide one of the most beautiful and memorable shows in Dubai. The show starts at 18-00 and ends at 23-00. The duration of the program usually does not take more than 15 minutes, and the break between musical compositions lasts half an hour. Here you can watch the play of water to the accompaniment of films about James Bond and the Bodyguard, and even Alla Pugacheva.
Best places in Dubai
Dubai has something to surprise the discerning traveler. The tallest buildings on the planet, the largest shopping center in the world, artificial islands, crazy rides, a giant aquarium and crazy water slides.
Palm Islands
The most beautiful view of the artificial complex of islands is from the top. Many travel companies offer their clients an unforgettable airplane flight over Dubai. And the most daring can make a parachute jump in tandem with an instructor. If flying over the city is not in your plans, then you can go on a boat trip around the islands, where you will see the villas of the sheikhs, snow-white yachts, luxury hotels and offices of large companies.
Gold Souk
One of the most famous markets for gold products is located in Dubai. The variety of jewelry items exceeds all expectations. As in any market, you can and should bargain here. Products made of white gold with diamonds are in special demand. The atmosphere of wealth and luxury is especially strong here.
Jumeirah Mosque
One of the city's iconic buildings is located next to the Dubai Zoo. This is the Jumeirah Mosque. The image of the mosque flaunts on the 500 dirham banknote. The snow-white building with side minarets attracts not only Muslims, but also representatives of other confessions. This is the only mosque in the city where anyone can enter, regardless of religious beliefs.
Emirates towers
The Emirates Towers are two skyscrapers connected by a shopping gallery. One tower houses an office building and some government offices. The second tower houses a luxury hotel. Despite the high cost of living, there are often no rooms available. A green park is set up around two skyscrapers, fountains work.
District Bastakia
If you get tired of the futuristic Dubai, you can always visit the historic Bastakiya district. He is one of the few who have kept the Arabic flavor intact. Cafes for local residents, small souvenir shops, antiques shops fill Bastakia with an oriental flavor. The traditional stone houses of local residents only look medieval. In fact, they are all modern inside.
What to see in Dubai on your own
The sights of Dubai can be divided into two categories: the first category includes places that are worth visiting as part of an excursion group, the second - those that are better to visit on their own.
IMG Worlds of Adventure Park
An amusement park is an ideal option for families with children. The park is designed to receive up to 20,000 visitors daily. The entire territory is divided into thematic zones. For example, fans of the Marvel universe will love the rides associated with comic book and movie characters: Iron Man, Thor and others. For those who like to tickle their nerves, a whole Haunted House has been created.
Aquarium at Dubai Mall
The world's largest aquarium, which is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, has become home to thousands of inhabitants of the deep sea. Huge transparent glass walls allow visitors to admire graceful stingrays, predatory moray eels, fast sharks and leisurely turtles. Be sure to watch the feeding of the predators - the sight is mesmerizing. There is a multi-meter tunnel under the aquarium.
Spice market
One of the most interesting oriental bazaars is located in the city, where spices are the main products. Hundreds of scents mingle in the air, combine with the noise of brisk trade and add a unique flavor to this place. Here you can find not only traditional spices, to which Europeans are accustomed, but also unusual spices popular in the East. Each merchant will be happy to tell you about spices, how to use them, what they are used for and what effect they have on the body.
Flower Park (Dubai Miracle Garden)
This is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai. On the territory of several hectares, a whole field of flowers is spread out with multi-colored carpets. Italian landscape designers have created amazing compositions of colorful buds. That there is only a portrait of the sheikh, lined with flowers. This is one of the best places for leisurely walks and photo shoots.
Where to go in Dubai
Beach holidays in Dubai are successfully combined with cultural activities and entertainment. Horse racing and betting are especially popular in the UAE. If you have never been to a real hippodrome, then here this gap can be easily filled.
Meydan Racecourse
Needless to say, the city is home to the largest hippodrome in the world. Its capacity exceeds many football stadiums. Up to 60 thousand spectators are watching the races at the same time. And the prize fund in competitions can go up to several million dollars. The atmosphere of excitement and general rejoicing reigns in the stands. Try to guess the winner of the race and place your bet.
Dubai opera
Until recently, the only thing that was missing in Dubai was a modern cultural center on a global scale. This is the Dubai Opera, where 2,000 spectators can enjoy ballet, theater performances, musicals and, of course, opera. Outwardly, the building resembles a ship, ready to sail. And this ship was launched by Placido Domingo, performing at the first big concert in the building of the Dubai Opera.
Ski complex Ski Dubai
Residents of Dubai do not know the harsh cold winters and have never seen snow in nature. And when going to a hot country, tourists do not expect to find a ski complex there. But the UAE has a surprise. In the Mall of the Emirates, the Ski Dubai complex is open, where everyone can go snowboarding or skiing all year round. The thickness of the snow cover reaches almost a meter, and the ski complex itself is ready to take on its slopes over 1000 people at a time. Sleigh rides and cheesecakes are provided for children.
Wild Wadi Water Park
One of the water parks in Dubai, where you can spend time with a large company or family. There is entertainment for both adults and children. The most popular attraction is Surfing on the Board. The instructor will help you master and teach you how to stand correctly on the surf. The scariest attraction of all is free fall. You go into the capsule, and then the floor opens below you, and you fall down. There is also a wave pool, a pool for children, a lazy river and many different water activities.
What to see in Dubai
A vacation would not be complete without a visit to the desert that surrounds Dubai. And also without photographs taken against the background of sand dunes and camels.
Desert Safari
This is one of the best entertainment in Dubai that will leave pleasant memories behind. What could be more beautiful than watching the sunrise among the sand dunes? Most of the desert tours take place in comfortable jeeps, but there are also combined tours, where you will be asked to ride a camel for part of the way. The program includes a visit to a Bedouin camp and a traditional campfire lunch / dinner. If you choose a tour with an overnight stay, then you will witness an unimaginably beautiful starry sky.
Hotel Parus
The Parus Hotel has long become the hallmark of Dubai. It was built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf. The most expensive and rare materials were used in the construction and decoration of the building. For example, gold leaf, marble, unique tree species. For the cheapest number you will have to pay more than $ 1000, the cost of the most expensive room starts at $ 15,000.
Bollywood Park
Dubai is home to the world's only theme park dedicated to Indian cinema. If you have watched Bollywood films at least once, you can roughly imagine what awaits you in this place. Bright colors, lush oriental palaces, elephants and, of course, many dances. Bollywood Park will immerse you in the world of India with its unique flavor and charm. And you just have to become a part of this magical holiday.
House-palace of Sheikh Said
This is one of the earliest residences of the ruler in the UAE, which has been perfectly preserved to this day. Unlike modern Dubai, the building is built in a traditional style. In the two-story palace today there is a museum that tells the story of the life of the sheikhs of the Emirates, as well as the formation of the Arab state. The collection of the museum contains rare photographs and exhibits. But the most remarkable thing here is the view that opens onto the bay.
Dubai Museum
To learn more about the rise of the state and the traditional way of life of the Arabs, head to the Dubai Museum. It is located on the territory of the ancient Al-Fahidi fort. Tourists love this museum for its low cost and the opportunity to see how the locals lived before the oil boom. Markets, workshops, traditional dwellings and crafts are lovingly recreated here. An interesting composition is dedicated to pearl divers. Also in the Dubai Museum there are archaeological exhibits dating back thousands of years.