Ultimate Comparison Guide for Best Toilets 2020

Your 10 minutes here will help you in finding the best toilet which you are going to use for next probably 10 years. As there are number of different parameters for choosing best toilets like toilet shape, flushing capabilities, designs and efficiency.Also there are numerous toilet brands and models like one piece toilet, power flush toilet, low flow toilet, quiet flush toilet,wall mount or wall hung toilet that selecting the best one is really a tough task. Keeping all these things in mind we have compiled a list of best rated toilets 2016 and we call it ultimate comparison guide ,it includes toilet ratings for helping you in finding the best one. You will see detailed toilet reviews of some of the top toilet brands.

How we made this guide?

Well we have gone through the above models in great details before putting them in the list. These models have been very popular among number of customers and have received good user toilet ratings generally 4 or above. Hopefully we have tried our best to answer questions like what toilet to buy.

Different Types of Toilets

There are different types of toilets based on different factors like usage, design, electric or mechanical, flushing system etc. Toilet performance will be different for these different models. Some of the main types are given below.

Gravity and Pressure assist toilet: Gravity toilets work on the principle of gravity where water is stored in the tank above the bowl and it is released into the bowl with a push of handle.

On the other hand, power assisted or pressure assist toilet work by having a separate tank inside the main tank which keeps water under pressure and it is released with huge velocity removing the waste completely. These types of the best toilets are more water-efficient toilets but they are costlier and noisy too.

One piece and two piece toilets: One piece as the name suggest is a single piece toilet system. It is costlier and difficult to install without the help of a plumber. But it is easier to clean as compared to two piece toilets. Both of these types have almost same flushing capacities.

One piece system needs less space as compared to two piece system. One piece toilets are also called as wall mount or wall hung toilet. These look very stylish though.

Flushing system: Based on flushing system Single best flush toilet and dual flush toilet are available. Single flushing systems are older types which consumes lot of water whereas dual flushing systems are modern toilets which can save lot of water bills as they have two flushing buttons one with less water( 0.8 gallons per flush gpf) for liquid waste and other with more water( 1.6 gallons per flush gpf) for solid waste. These are good low flow toilets and quiet flush toilet for residential use. Best Toilet or most powerful toilet is determined on the basis of its flushing system.

Elongated and Round Seat Toilets: Bowls having elongated shapes have larger size approximately 18.5 inch and are very comfortable everyone including older men. Whereas round shape bowl toilets are having size of around 16.5 inch and are of old style which are comfortable for children. The elongated toilets are more expensive than round shaped.

So these are the main types of toilets. There are other types also like automatic toilets which are generally used in commercial establishments and high efficiency low flow toilets which save lot of water and water bills. Others based on height are standard height and comfort height toilets. Taller toilets are more comfortable to persons with more height and older persons but not for kids. Basically you need to ascertain your requirement first then select the best toilet.

Although most of the models of best toilet brands listed in the ultimate comparison guide are great options with toilet ratings but there are some of the models which are our favorites. We have reviewed these toilets honestly so that it may help you in deciding your favorite one. Remember one thing that investing in most powerful toilets is a long term decision irrespective of the 2014 or 2015 and moreover it is a heavily used item so take decision wisely doesn’t just look for cheap toilets. It includes different types of toilets like one piece, two piece, gravity and pressure assist toilet.

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