Following the election of Lady Kamala Harris (Senator) as the Vice-President elect of USA, there has been a jerk reaction by Indians who are thrilled, excited, and in a jubilant mood which seems cynical and uncalled for, considering the fact that Lady Kamala Harris is half Jamaican & half Indian by roots or origin and 100% church-going American by domicile and marital status !

Let us do some introspection and ask ourselves “what has been our attitude towards our very own Indian Christians” who are as much Indianised as Hindus in terms of traditions, values, culture, food habits, and mannerisms ; the only difference being that while they go to Church, we go to temples for communion with God. Is this a typical case of “Ghar ki Murgi daal barabar” ?

I find myself asking the following two questions :

● Who, of the two, are more Indian — Kamala Harris or Sonia Gandhi ?

● If Sonia Gandhi gets elected as the Vice-President of India (why not), will the Italians or Romans rejoice in the same manner ?