As we have seen in the past 12 years and 3 times of bitcoin halving history, that bitcoin price got affected by the bitcoin halving. The Bitcoin halving event occurs after 210,00 blocks are mined. It has been programmed to happen every 4 years. After the halving, the bitcoin mining rewards are split into half and the miner will get 50% less bitcoin as a mining reward in comparison to the reward before the halving event. That was about the mining rewards for miners, now let’s see what happened to bitcoin price before and after the Bitcoin halving event in the past.

During the first Bitcoin halving event in 2012, the price of bitcoin was increased by over 200x. In the second bitcoin halving event happened in 2106, the daily trading volume of bitcoin was increased by 50% a couple of months prior to the halving event. In the third halving event in may 2020, the trading volume of bitcoin was increased by 150%. After the third halving, the price of bitcoin has increased exponentially. Now the price of bitcoin is $18,192 at the time of this writing. The next bitcoin halving will occur in 2024. The Bitcoin halving data indicates that bitcoin rallied sharply following the previous three halving's. Many investors are optimistic that the coming bitcoin halving will have the same effect.