Security token offerings (STOs) can be compared to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The STO launch process can be divided into four phases: these are 1) Preparation, 2) The Pre-STO phase, 3) STOs for accredited investors, and 4) the post-STO phase

During the first phase, the preparation phase, an idea is arrived at. Then, a legal consultant is contacted and the ways in which a token obtains its value is determined. The idea should be capable of convincing prospective investors. Legal consultants are necessary as compliance with region-specific regulations is a necessity. With regards to the token value, this is usually decided by role, purpose, and features. 

During the pre-STO phase, the security token offering is presented to the market. There are many websites online where your STOs can be listed, much like ICOs. After this, comes the choice of partner exchange. The next step is to seek out custodians to collateral assets for security tokens. 

STO marketing is a critical part of your STO’s development process and launch. Leveraging the power of social media platforms and search engine optimization is an important part of STO marketing. 

During the post-STO phase, it is vital to develop a product that is supportive of the newly launched security token. Investor expectations are to be looked into and handled. They should be convinced that there are no legal roadblocks with regards to the execution of your investment plan.

Regulation and technological infrastructure are two key considerations in the STO process.

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