A court marriage  in Islamic Republic of Pakistan below shariah could be a civil contract and husband incorporates a right to divorce his mate whenever he wishes while not assignment any cause. Court marriage in Pakistan of a woman before completion of lddat period is unreliable. Marriage of a woman before completion of her lddat, was irregular and did not . unreliable marriage could have its own consequences under personal law, but same could not be treated as void and could not be regarded as un-Islamic or against the Shariah.  Court marriage in Pakistan reduce and shrink during the period of "lddat' is invalid and not even irregular. Accused lady after having been divorced by the complainant had contracted a valid, legitimate and perfectly legal marriage with her co-accused. Non- Compliance of requirement of S. 7 of the Muslim Family Consent of "Wali" was essential to the validity of Laws Ordinance, 1961, regarding sending the notice of divorce in Pakistan to the Chairman, Union Council, had not rendered the divorce in Pakistan ineffective. Continuation of the proceeding in the impugned F.I.R., thus, would not serve any useful purpose and would clearly amount to an abuse of the process of law.

Marriage is a civil contract :

F.I.R. was consequently quashed and the petition was accepted accordingly. Marriage is a civil contract. Marriage is a civil contract and every Muslim of sound mind, who has attained puberty, can enter into contract of marriage and is void only when it is brought about without his or her Consent. Court marriage in Pakistan even if performed through guardians stood repudiated on exercise of option of puberty. Moreover when marriage was not consummated and she never submitted herself for cohabitation. Very exercise of filing suit for dissolution of marriage, in a way is an exercise of option of puberty against the existence of marriage. Presumption regarding Muslim marriage in absence of direct proof can be raised and acted upon with prolonged and continuous cohabitation as husband and wife. Factors to be kept in view by the Court pointed out. Female celebrate court marriage in Pakistan through lawyer is valid.

Court Marriage In Pakistan :

Court Marriage in Pakistan brings a lot of relief not only to the lovers but also for those who want to have arranged marriage in Pakistan. Not only the lovers but decent families have now started to go for Court Marriage services in Pakistan and at the top of all is the city of Lahore. Highest numbers of Court Marriage in Lahore Pakistan have been recorded in the year of 2019. There are many reasons why people now prefer to adopt Court Marriage procedure in Pakistan.

Marriage Without Intervention Of Wali :

Generally it is possible for a young Muslim girl to enter into marriage without intervention of Wali (Guardian). Question of chastity? Marriage under Islamic Law is a civil contract and not a liturgy Marriage is for comfort, love and compassion. One of the objects of matrimonial tie is procreation of human generation and it is the bounden duty of husband to keep his wife with love, affection, respect and provide her maintenance during subsistence of marriage. Islam has laid down the parameter for spouses to live within those bounds and if the parties transgress their parameters, they should relieve each other by breaking the matrimonial tie with kindness. Islam has never conferred power/right upon the husband to take law into his hands and to kill his so use for any wrong Committed by her however he can divorce in Pakistan.