Who should use Vinyl flooring? - Significant pros and cons that you must know

The first thing anyone sees when they visit your home is the flooring. So, it is strongly suggested to have the finest flooring that looks beautiful, lasts longer, and comes within a reasonable budget. It must not only make the guests feel great but also enhance the entire state of being in the house.

If these are the attributes you are searching for in your home or your office space, the best vinyl flooring Singapore tiles will surely meet your needs.

The two most usual types of vinyl flooring are,

•Inlaid vinyl flooring, which follows the pattern of implanting color granules into the flooring sheet to earn the copious look
•Printed vinyl flooring has a thin shielded coating on the vinyl base

If compared to inlaid vinyl, printed vinyl is much cheaper and less durable.
Vinyl floors can be implemented in 2 ways:

•Vinyl Sheets: Sheets are available in different measurements of 6 -12 varied widths in prepared rolls or cuts to the needed measurements.

•Vinyl Tiles: Tiles are obtainable in the dimension of 12 -18-inch squares. The tiles which come with self-adhesive are easier to install if compared to the other.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl floors are greatly durable only if you purchase them from the best vinyl flooring company Singapore, and can support high traffic for longer durations of time without bearing any impairment. This makes modern vinyl floors great for office spaces and institutions as they need floors that are tough and durable.

A well-installed vinyl floor can last for more than 20 years, and some of the Vinyl manufacturers in Singapore provide warranty for about 15 years, which signifies its durability.

Cost efficiency

The durability of vinyl floors does not make it exceedingly expensive. As a matter of fact, it is quite cheaper making it a great alternative for traditional flooring and tiling techniques.
Because of the component, it is made of vinyl is inexpensive compared to hardwood flooring or stone tiles and even concrete.


Being exceptionally durable and budget-friendly is just the start. Vinyl flooring requires extremely low maintenance and do not need your continuous attention.

Vinyl tiles can be swiftly sustained as it takes a lot of effort is resilient to corrosion and it can be washed by the usage of mechanical buffing device and chemical strippers quite easily.
It is also dust-free and can also manage a humid atmosphere.

Remove and Replace

The vinyl tiles are very easy to uninstall, and the impaired ones can be replaced with ease. The only thing to remember is to install it in a precise way so that the un-installation process can be easy.

This is one attribute that entices most of the buyers to go for vinyl flooring over other types that are cheaper and easily obtainable in the market.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

Subfloor Handling

It is agreed that installing vinyl flooring is an easy procedure, but what about the subfloor?
No, it is not quite easy. The subfloor must be free of any type of component to make the vinyl floor look good and not let bumps and lumps appear on it, deteriorating the entire floor.

Also, if the vinyl floor is peeled and sticks and the subfloor is filthy, there is a greater risk for the floor tile to come off quicker than expected.

Not Recommended for Outdoors

The colors might fade and the floors impaired if vinyl floors come under direct sunlight or extreme weather conditions respectively. So the wisest choice would be to install them only indoors.