Using an intimate toy is quite common today. There are multiple reasons why the sale of intimate toys has gone up and it also has to do with the societal perceptions. They are no longer taboo and people are ok with sex being a part of life. But when we use intimate toys, we have to ensure that we use them properly and have a certain level of hygiene. If you don’t then there could be potentially uncomfortable consequences such as infections. Here are five factors you may want to consider.

  1. Anything that goes into the body has to be cleaned properly and for intimate toys, the cleaning directions are almost always given on the package. You may want to memorise that part before you throw the package away.
  2. The material of the toy is a big consideration on how you clean it. Also, if it is motorised or nor also changes the cleaning process. Most toys can be cleaned with soap and water but some materials require different products. If the device is motorised then you need to be careful while using water.
  3. Ensure that the toy is dry before storing it. If moisture is left over, then the toy could be a host for germs and bacteria that will multiply in the moist environment. It can be placed in a special box or silk bag to protect it from bacteria.
  4. One must clean the sex toy after every use. Just like you cannot clean a plate after multiple uses and you do it after every use. Intimate toys too need to be cared for cleaned after every use. Don’t skirt around this a sit can have uncomfortable consequences.
  5. Make sure the toys don’t get mixed up, as in, an anal butt plug shouldn’t be used in any other parts. The bacteria in the anus is harmful for the vagina and it isn’t the best practice to use the same toys in the vagina and anus. Find out if such scenarios apply to your toys too.

These toys like a sex doll from my robot doll or personal handheld devices for pleasure are a great addition if you don’t have a partner. So, you must ensure that what you are buying is of good quality. This is important as certain materials may not suit your skin or body. There could be reactions or something similar. A good quality toy which you have researched and read reviews for will be the best choice. Silicone or glass toys are safer as glass doesn’t allow liquids to be absorbed or pass through. A phthalate free option which is easy to clean can also be beneficial. Advanced intimate toys like a sex doll from sino doll has washable parts which can be removed ad cleaned. Yes, you need to clean them too.

After having a good time chasing that O, cleaning the intimate toy is the last option in anyone’s mind. But a bacterial build-up caused by remnants of body fluids isn’t good news.