Relationships can be sometimes quite fragile and sensitive and may require absolute caution and utmost attention to keep it strong and going. This is because there are some key factors that can instantly kill a relationship regardless of how strong it maybe. While some will slowly kill a relation, it often seldom that a relationship will survive these downfalls. Below is a list of some pitfalls that can end a relationship. 

Mistrust and Insecurity Issues

A lot of relationships have died thanks to trust and insecurity issues emanating from dishonesty cases or severe heartbreaks from past relationships. This include always being suspicious of your partner, trying to control what they do, say, or go or whom they talk to. The feeling that they are always cheating on you and questioning everything they do. This is among the major pitfalls that have seen good relationships end badly. 


Being faithful is the key to sustaining and pushing a relationship to last longer. Faithfulness is one key ingredient for a perfect and healthy relationship and is expected of every partner. Such acts of unfaithfulness as cheating and infidelity have ruined relationships and to an extent most marriages irrespective of how long people have been together. This are acts make a partner feel betrayed and not good enough. It is an insult to your partners that has rarely been forgiven. Even legally it is permitted under the law to end a relationship on the grounds of cheating and/or infidelity. 


Communication is also key to the survival and growth of any relationship. The way you communicate with your partner will determine so many things that will either strengthen or end your relationship. Poor communication like not talking,ignoring their questions, quarreling almost about everything, senseless talking, insult, or not texting or calling during the day especially for long distance relationships can kill a relationship. 

Ignoring your Partner 

Disregarding your partner’s efforts, emotional needs, and their welfare can have severe consequences on your relationship. Mostly, women need a lot of attention and affectionate, which if they lack in your relationship can weaken it and ultimately kill it. In most cheating cases, perpetrators have complained about being ignored by their partners as the major reason for cheating. When a partner is too busy to have time with his/her partner and even whenever they are free they are busy on their phone, laptops or games, their ignored partner will feel out place, underappreciated, and unwanted. This can lead to a fallout sooner or later.