It is important that love life works well for both partners. If there are issues in love life, it slowly affects other aspects of a person’s life too. Men encounter impotency issues due to several reasons. In the past, there was no means to tackle male impotency issues. Thanks to the intensive research in this field, things have changed. Doctors now prescribe Edegra medicine to deal with male impotency issues. While the medicine does not cure the issue, it helps to manage the condition. Understanding ED (Erectile Dysfunction) issues can help you understand how Edegra works.

What is ED and How Edegra Helps?

ED is a common word used to refer to erectile dysfunction issues seen in men. A man suffering from ED issues has difficulty getting a thorough erection even when he is fully aroused. This happens because of improper functioning of the PDE5 hormone. This is the hormone responsible for taking blood to different major organs of the body. This is also the hormone that ensures rush of blood into the male organ during arousal. 

The PDE5 hormone may prevent rush of blood into the male organ if the person is unhealthy. This is a measure taken by the hormone so that all significant body parts have the required blood flowing. In rare cases, the PDE5 hormone always behaves in this abnormal fashion. It does not allow an erection even when a person is perfectly fit. There is no way to cure this issue. However, it is possible to inhibit the action of this hormone for some time. This can be done without causing harm by using Edegra medicine.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Starting on Edegra Use

For safe use of Edegra medicine, it is important that you have all your doubts cleared. Here are some questions you need to ask your doctor:

What should I do if Edegra does not show the desired effect?

If Edegra does not show the desired effect, consult your doctor. The doctor will suggest alternative medication. He may also check whether impotency is due to underlying psychological cause. If so, he may prescribe some psychological therapy to help.

Are there side effects of Edegra medicine?

There are some side effects of Edegra Sildenafil medicine as listed below:

  • The medicine is known to cause facial flushing and skin allergies in some.
  • The medicine may cause headache and dizziness.
  • There have been complaints regarding temporary deafness and temporary colour blindness due to the medicine.
  • The medicine may also cause mood swings and anxiety in some people.
  • There are some rare serious side effects too. People have complained about chest pain and cardiovascular symptoms due to the medicine.

Are there warnings related to use of Edegra medicine?

Here are the warnings regarding the use of Edegra medicine:

  • The dose of the medicine should not be altered without consulting the doctor.
  • The medicine should be placed in a cool and dry place.
  • It needs to be stored away from the reach of children. It could be fatal for children if they consume the medicine accidentally.