With the outbreak of Corona virus , the world is now witnessing a harsh impact on the economy.During such a scenario ,the errand of G-20 nations' cites an example to set the stage for international cooperation.On 26th Mar,2020 , the virtual G-20 leaders's summit was convened where several measures were discussed to obstruct the contagion.If we delve the statistics,90% of the COVID-19 cases and 88% of the death are related to G-20 nations even though it contains 80% of the world GDP and 60% of the global population.Almost top ten affected countries belong to this organization where several economic leaders like the USA, the UK ,China and Germany also contribute a giant share .Thus this virtual summit played a distinct role for bridging a path for global cooperation.But they can put a step forward by inviting Iran onto the table and can expulse the restrictions imposed on it in the name of humanity.However it's a great sign that G-20 members pledged a United front to fight against COVID -19.

But this pledge seems to have a dim importance as both the USA and China are accusing each other for spreading COVID-19.Recently China rejected Estonia's proposal to discuss about the Pandemic at UNSC by it's veto power.This is not the time for blaming one another rather joining hands for cooperation.At the same time China should understand that the world is not a kid who can underestimate the egregious attitude and the faux pas of China for a long period.

Kudos to India's spanking stand against the Pandemic disease where Hon'ble PM Modi pondered the situation urged the world to focus their researches centering human being and humanity which will be a plucky step towards a poignant society during such a quandary.