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In 2013, 59 years old Martin Griffiths took his own life after he was wrongly accused of stealing £60,000. It was later discovered that the error was made by a faulty accounting system. Just like the faulty computer that caused the death of Martin Griffiths, there is a faulty journalist that has ruined the lives of many and still longing to ruin more lives. His name is David Marchant. He is the founder, editor, and owner of the offshorealert.com website. It is a website that has published financial crimes known to only Mr. Marchant since 1997.


No description fits David Marchant better than the one on Wikipedia. He is described as a journalist who is specialized “in exposing financial crimes before they occur.” In other words, David Marchant is a self-acclaimed journalist that predicts financial crimes, writes about the predicted crimes, publishes them, and sits back to watch the damages his newsletters might cause.

He started practicing defamatory journalism in the United Kingdom in 1987. Why did he not continue his journalism of lies in the UK since he claimed to have been trained there? In the mid-90s, he fled the UK to Miami because he knew beforehand that his victims were preparing to take legal actions against him. Knowing that there was no way he could avoid prosecution, he quickly relocated to the United States, a place where anybody can be called a journalist. No wonder he is not a member of the Society of Professional Journalists or any other professional body in the United States. No doubt, he is scared to sit among real journalists. The only place where he is not scared is his website because that is where he is a king.


The offshorealert is purely business. Recall that the main objective of business is profit-making. Yet, there is no business in the world that tells you that they are here to make a profit. They only tell you how they are here to serve you better. That is what Mr. Marchant does. He tells you he is using his website to expose financial crimes but in reality, he is only making money out of people’s misery. Do not expect to hear that from him because he cannot damage his own business.  Have you ever wondered what will happen to the website if there are no subscriptions? No doubt, Mr. Marchant will lose his zeal to expose financial crimes. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say Mr. Marchant ruins people’s reputations for a living.


Credible news can only come from credible people. David Marchant has proved over time that he cannot be trusted. Therefore, you will be making a very big mistake to trust his news channel. Below are some reasons why you should disregard whatever information coming from David Marchant and his offshorealert website.

Only offshorealert report his News 

Ask yourself. If I am a newspaper publisher, will I depend on David Marchant for reliable news? Your answer is very likely to be no. That is the exact reason why David Marchant’s newsletters are only published on his website and not on any other platform. No newspaper, TV channel, or radio station picks up news from David Marchant. The only people that seldom pick his news are his colleagues in the defamation industry.

Assumptions instead of Facts

There is something Mr. Marchant does perfectly. He knows how to write catchy headlines. His headlines are written in a way that will make the potential subscribers conclude that whatever he is writing about has been investigated, the accused have been charged to court, and had been found guilty. When people subscribe to see the real news, all they see are allegations that have not been proven. This is against the fundamental principle of journalism which is truth and accuracy.

Under this principle, it is absolutely wrong to exaggerate any information that is being published. However, Mr. Marchant does more than that. He publishes outright lies and even exaggerates the lies with his well-calculated deceitful headlines. If yellow Journalism was a man, it would have been Mr. Marchant.

The Method of getting his Stories

Mr. Marchant’s method of getting his news is questionable. He lures staff of reputable organizations into providing details and transactions of the company so that he can publish the information after distorting them. Below is a review from Mosad, a staff that refused to work for him after he was offered a bribe;

“I was approached by David Marchant the owner of Offshore Alert at their last conference. He said that he was willing to pay for information on company activity, trading, news, etc., even if fake, or defamatory. I asked why he wanted news of this nature, he said that any news would sell and bring revenue! True or fake. What about the victims I asked, he said he does not care about them, ‘he can make money from their misery’ he said. ……. He threatened me with violence (paid thugs) if I mentioned this.” – Mosad

Mr. Marchant personally replied to the above negative review with the following statement;

“If the information was fake, why would I pay for it? I could just make it up myself? Thanks for giving me a good laugh, though. David ‘Mike Tyson’ Marchant, Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert.”

Did you take note of the fact that Marchant did not deny any of the allegations? His only excuse was that the fact that he was paying for it does not make it fake news. How true is that? Mr. Marchant doesn’t pay for news. He pays for the company’s information which he distorts before publishing. He also did not deny that he makes money from the misery of his victims, he did not deny threatening Mosad with paid thugs, and he did not deny that the “news will sell and bring revenue.” Is that the kind of man you want to be feeding you with information?

One-Sided Stories

Another principle of journalism is the principle of fairness and impartiality. News stories need to be presented from a balanced point of view to build trust. This principle is very important because almost every story has two sides. That is why in many investigation reports, you will see statements like; ‘although the accused denied the allegations, the police are currently conducting an investigation.’ Mr. Marchant did not study his journalism to the point of knowing how important this principle is.

His news stories are presented from his point of view without regard for his victims. To pretend like a fair journalist, he quickly sends emails to his victims for a quick reply to his serious allegations. After writing one of such threatening mails to Orren Marren, a Cayman Island Attorney, he got the following reply.

“You have established yourself as the type of journalist who is incapable of fair, factual, and accurate reporting, so we will not oblige you with any response for you to distort and misreport.” – Orren Merren

Orren Merren did the right thing. Why explain the side of your story when it doesn’t matter? You might ask why Marchant publishes only his side of the stories. His stories had already been prepared in a manner that will attract traffic to his website. Publishing any other side of the same story will only reduce the traffic and the amount of money he is going to earn from the lies. In other words, the truth will not generate income.

Marchant Publishes favorable court judgments and downplays unfavorable rulings

No matter the crime that might have been committed, any defendant, anywhere in the world is assumed innocent until it has been proven otherwise. However, in David Marchant’s world, you are already guilty if he doesn’t like you. Even a court of law cannot change that. It is either what he believes or what he believes.

After writing a defamatory article on Lincoln Fraser and his company, Marchant got the following email which he published as a testimonial.

“There is barely a single problem that Imperial Consolidated has encountered that you have not had a personal hand in creating or worsening, much to the financial benefit of you and your clients.” – Lincoln Fraser

Now, check out what was later written by Mr. Marchant about the mail he received.

“U.K. national Lincoln Fraser in 2002 shortly after his Imperial Consolidated Group, which was exposed by OffshoreAlert in 1999, collapsed after perpetrating a $300 million fraud. Fraser was disqualified as a company director in 2001, declared bankrupt for the second time in seven years in 2003, and later, with four others, charged with fraud, all in the U.K. Fraser – a serial fraudster – was acquitted of the criminal charges after two trials.”

Did you notice the last sentence? Marchant claims that Lincoln Fraser was still a serial fraudster after he was acquitted by a competent court of law. He was a fraudster because, in Marchant’s type of journalism, the journalist plays the role of the court. If Lincoln Fraser was acquitted of the criminal charges, why then did the Imperial Consolidated Group and other businesses that are victims of Marchant collapse? The answer is found in the email sent by Lincoln Fraser. Marchant either causes the problems or he worsens them.

If David Marchant disregards court judgments that are not favorable to him and his website, should you believe him when he tells you he has never lost a court case? He had lost several court cases but he refuses to admit it because he doesn’t agree with the court judgments.

David Marchant Loves Ruining Peoples’ Reputation.

David Marchant is not an ordinary sadist, but he makes money from being a sadist. He disregards the principle of humanity. He does not only ruin businesses, but he ruins personalities and families. Read the following email and try to comprehend the damage that had been done to the sender.

“I am a victim because of you. You have black my Name all over the world without any Proves and any evidences or courts announcements… 48 Hours if No response Mr. Clever man …. Then you will be visited in your house in your office … I will show you how really damages humans and families.”

How did David Marchant react to the email? He published it to further increase the damages he had done to the man and his family. See below another email that was sent to Mr. Marchant;

“As a result of the actions taken by Marchant and companies under his control, [our] business relationships have been, and continue to be, substantially and irrevocably damaged. In addition, First Bank’s ability to attract new customers has been, and continues to be, severely reduced as a result of the actions taken by Marchant and the companies under his control.” – Gilbert A. Ziegler

Mr. Marchant published the email and mocked Gilbert to have died while awaiting trial.

After ruining the reputation of his victims, their businesses, and families, Mr. Marchant publishes the damages he has caused as the achievement of his newsletters and he adds them to the unending list of death threats he had received.

David Marchant Knows Nothing about the Offshore World and Fraud Investigation

It has been confirmed that Mr. Marchant is not a journalist, but he is a businessman that ruins people’s reputations for a living. Could he then be a fraud investigator? Check out what a certified fraud investigator in the United States said about him;

“The fact of the matter is that Mr. Marchant is just a low-level reporter. He never worked in the capital markets, not on Wall Street, not in private equity, and not in venture capital. Thus, his understanding is deficient, to say the least. This was the assumption I made prior to investigating him and his resources. Once I spoke with Mr. Marchant my suspicions had been confirmed. When he learned of my background he immediately became nervous and tongue-tied after I asked him some very basic and open-ended questions about his company. This gave me the impression he was trying to hide something or walk the tight rope in order to avoid ‘tipping me off.” – Thomas

Thomas and other experts in fraud investigations have confronted Mr. Marchant about his methods of investigation and journalism. He reacts the same way; he rains insults on them and yells at them because he needs to protect his business. He has no clue about how the offshore world operates and one cannot guarantee if he knows the laws guiding offshore businesses. If he does not know the law, how can he know what a crime is?

If Marchant does not understand how the offshore world operates, how then does he organize successful conferences? Mr. Thomas after his encounter with David Marchant confirmed what his conferences are all about. He said;

“Next, I moved on to check out his annual conference. Perhaps the first thing I noted about the event was that it featured a predominance of shady participants who were there to ultimately sell you something. The funny thing about Offshorealerts is that Marchant pretends to play “fraud police” and then divvies out paid slots for speakers at his conferences to solicit their own investments which seem to be quite shady. I have concluded that David Marchant pretends to “expose” offshore finance scams in order to make money pushing what he claims are credible investments and consultants.”

With the findings of Thomas and many others, it is obvious that Marchant is a hypocrite that uses his conferences as an avenue for fraudulent consultants to promote themselves and their investments while discrediting competitors.


If the faulty computer that caused the death of Martin Griffiths was yours, how would you have treated it? No doubt, you will either fix it or discard it. We cannot discard Mr. Marchant because he is a human. But we can discard any information coming from him. He is neither a journalist nor a fraud investigator but he had painted himself as such to acquire wealth for himself. David Marchant has refused to admit his errors and there is no sign that he will ever stop ruining lives. Subscribing to his website means wasting your hard-earned money to read lies and believing the lies could mean sharing in his sins.

There will be more conferences and more newsletters from Marchant. We hope none of these results in another suicide like that of Martin Griffiths.






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