Searching for ways to make your home more comfortable for you and your family? Whether you need more space or want exciting outdoor entertainment options, it may be a good idea to take on some home improvement projects. Here are five great renovation project ideas that will maximize your family’s enjoyment of your home.

1. Build an Addition

Feeling like your home is a little cramped? Consider building an addition to add some valuable living space. If you want some extra room for the kids to study, play or just relax, you could build a recreation room addition. Include an entertainment center, comfortable furniture and a few desks to maximize the use of your new room. Or, if you need a little extra space for yourself, think about building a master suite addition to create your very own relaxing retreat. Include a spacious bathroom with all the modern amenities in your design to produce a spa-like atmosphere in your new space. Increasing your home’s living space is always a good idea, and you’ll see a great return on your investment through an increase in your home’s value. Conversely, if you need more space and room for either your new business or school work you can set up a great home office setup.

2. Finish the Basement

If your home has a basement, finishing the basement into a comfortable living space is a great home renovation idea. Start by applying new drywall and a coat of paint to the walls. Add contemporary lighting to brighten up the space. Since basements usually don’t have high ceilings, recessed lighting is the recommended lighting strategy for every basement room. If you have a large basement recreation room, consider diving up the spaces into dedicated zones. For example, designate separate areas for crafting, watching television, reading or any other activities you think you’ll do in your basement. You’ll soon have a valuable new living space your entire family will enjoy!

3. Add a Bathroom

If you’re constantly battling family members to be the first one to the bathroom in the morning, maybe it’s time you add an extra bathroom to your home. You could go big and create a full bathroom with sink, toilet and bathtub, or install a small but convenient powder room if you don’t need an extra bathtub. The best part about this renovation is that you don’t need a lot of extra room in your house to create a new bathroom – any small extra space will do. You could wall off a small section of an existing space to make room for the new bathroom, or you could repurpose an underused pantry or closet. Adding even a small powder room is a great renovation option for growing families and for accommodating extra guests as they visit your home.

4. Update the Attic

Want to create some extra space without going through the process of building a completely new addition from scratch? If you have an unused attic in your home, it could be a great idea to give it a renovation and create more usable space. You’ll want to install new drywall and apply a fresh coat of paint. It’s also a good idea to divert heating and cooling vents so that the space can have a comfortable temperature like the rest of the home. Renovated attic space can make a great new bedroom, office or even a recreation room that the entire family will enjoy.

5. Install a Pool

Building a pool is a guaranteed way to increase your family’s enjoyment of your home. When designing a new pool, include features the whole family will love. For the kids, include a diving board or water slide. For the adults, an adjoining hot tub or pool grotto can make for relaxing nights spent in the great outdoors. Wondering exactly how much does an inground pool cost? The answer may surprise you – it’s more affordable than you think! Consult with a professional pool installation to design the outdoor entertainment spot of your dreams. You’ll be enjoying relaxing swims in your own backyard in no time!

It’s never a bad time to make some improvements that will enhance your family’s everyday life at home. Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy a more modern home with exciting features for the entire family!