The modern-day LCD screen is an example of years of research and innovation. These screens use a liquid crystal substance that is placed in between two glass layers.

When the glass layer is somehow damaged due to any external factor, then the shattered glass particles enter inside the liquid crystal layer. As a result of this, several horizontal lines might appear on your LCD screen when it is turned on.

It becomes extremely irritating to watch anything on the screen when you find all the lines on it. Many users have often reported having experienced such horizontal lines on the screen. It can either be permanent or temporary depending on the nature of the damage. 

In case, the damage is serious, then you should get help from the best TV repair service.

Causes of Horizontal Lines on your LCD:

There are various factors that can cause horizontal lines on LCD screens. These are listed below: 

Physical Damage

This is the primary reason behind the appearance of horizontal lines on your screen. If your LCD TV at any point of time falls off the wall due to faulty mounting or gets hit by some heavy object, then the glass screen might get punctured. The debris from the glass screen might reach inside the crystal display.

Defective Capacitor

An LCD TV is made up of many sophisticated electrical components. Capacitors are one of them. When a capacitor becomes faulty or damaged, then it might cause horizontal lines on your TV screen.

Failure in any Internal Circuit and Resistors

Sometimes, failure in the internal circuit as well as in the resistors of your LCD TV can be responsible for horizontal lines to appear on the screen.

Possible Fixes to Deal with Horizontal lines on your LCD TV:

If you own an LCD TV, you can be sure to experience these horizontal lines on the screen. If so, then you need not panic. Since this is a commonly occurring problem with LCD TVs, there are some easy ways you can handle it all by yourself.

1. Go for Replacement Screen

This is the most effective way to fix the horizontal lines on your LCD TV. In case, your TV screen has been damaged due to any physical cause, then the only way you can solve it is to ask for a replacement screen.

2. Replace the Ribbon Cable

Fault in the ribbon cable can be a probable cause for horizontal lines. Replacing the ribbon cable can help you to eliminate the lines.

3. Restart the TV 

Sometimes, simply by restarting your TV can remove the annoying horizontal lines. You can restart the TV either through the remote or by unplugging the power cord. 

Final Words

An LCD TV screen is connected with many complex circuits and other advanced components. So, in case, serious damage occurs, it's not possible for you to diagnose and solve it with limited knowledge. In such cases, you should better leave the repair job to TV repair services.

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