Top 10 Custom Mobile App development Companies in Dubai, UAE

Application Development Software Market was valued at USD 168.71 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1039.89 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 25.54 % from 2020 to 2027. The Global Application Development Software Market has been driven by the growing trend of cloud-based solutions and the expanding use of IoT technologies. When it comes to the Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is at the forefront of technological advancements. More firms are embracing mobile applications to communicate with their clients or consumers in this technological age.

Dubai is establishing itself as a technological powerhouse for the Middle East and North Africa, making it an obvious choice for businesses looking to expand. You need an amazing app concept and the top app developers in the industry to create a mobile app for your business. The rapid expansion of startups into enterprise-level businesses in Dubai has resulted in a significant demand for app developers. Here we have compiled a list of the Top 10 mobile app development companies in Dubai for 2022 to assist you in finding the most reliable app development partner for your business.

Here's the List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE 2022

1. Carmatec
Carmatec is one of the top trustworthy Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE having its presence in India, the USA, and Qatar. Since 2008, the company has developed more than 4,000 apps, designed 2000+ websites, and had 400+ projects on the latest technologies, including CRM, AI, IoT, Data Science, etc. worked with more than 2300+ global clients from that more than 700 clients from Dubai, UAE. With 10+ years of experience, the company has expertise in web and app development, AI solutions, Salesforce solutions, IoT development, Big Data, AR/VR, Blockchain, Games, and many more.

2. Ethos Global Solutions
Ethos Global Solutions is a Dubai based IT company. Their main aim is to make brand perception management and provide custom-built strategic resolution to help businesses maintain their positive web presence and reach success visibly in a short period. Their tactical, experienced, and dedicated team makes them one of the world's best IT firms.

3. Intertec Systems
Dubai-headquartered from 1991, Intertec is a leading IT solutions and services provider having offices in 5 countries. They are committed to Innovation, Responsive, Reliable, and Supportive of their customer's strategy. Intertec uses 35+ technology alliances to enhance its proposition to customer businesses.

Since its inception in 2006, it earned recognition as a product and services company known for its customer focus and delivery finesse. Their skill to adapt to technology and business changes has given them the reputation of being the preferred strategic technology partner for global communities.

5. Global Media Insight
Global Media Insight is a leading mobile app development and digital marketing company passionate about invention and technology. Since 2001, they have been providing the best solution by using the latest technologies. A pioneer web design company in the UAE, they can make stunning website designs.

6. ApphiTect
Founded in 2008, Apphitect is a top mobile app development company in UAE that is compelling innovations in the digital transformations arena. Developed by the skilled strength of 200+ employees, the company has been conducting several inventions in mobile app development, eCommerce, Magento, web development, and cloud solutions.

7. Whitehats Design
Whitehats is a top IT company in Dubai that supports IT network and infrastructure organizations. Since 2007, they have been at the forefront of supporting technological developments in IT/network solutions. Based in Dubai, they have a professional team of IT professional experts in all fields.

8. Jawahir
Jawahir is an IT company that offers unique one-stop solutions to all your marketing needs. It is the leading online marketing villa that hosts an ample amount of digital & web services for you. They aim to strengthen your business by providing the best service.

9. Data Capture Systems Co LLC
It all started in 1989 with the aim of one man. Today, his vision is called Data Capture Systems, a group of 135+ skilled employees (and still growing!) across more than 10 offices in a different areas. At DCS, they respect the customer's time and schedule and always try to provide the products and solutions on a priority basis.

10. HData Systems
HData Systems is an India-based Data Science company that helps companies boost their productivity & performance with analytical approaches. The company offers app development, big data analytics, AI, machine learning, data science, automation, etc.

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