Facebook is a very mostly used online social platform that is used by people worldwide to connect with their friends, family, colleagues, even the people of other countries or other people also. But many times the users face Facebook problems today. Do not worry we are here for your help and will try to fix whatever issues you are facing with the Facebook applications. 

Ways to fix the issues arising with the Facebook application – 

  • Relaunch the app after Quitting 

Users should try to first quit the application then re-launch the application again to fix Facebook not working on iPhone. 

  • Get rid of connection issues

Have a check on the internet issues and connection issues. If your internet is not working then you might face problems in opening the Facebook application. 

  • Update issues of the application 

Sometimes problems can occur because of the not updated application. If it is the case then you should just update the app to avoid errors. 

  • Cache problems and errors

The cache and junk data can also create problems with the Facebook app not loading. So, the users have to clean the cache data and the junk files of the application.

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