Good Morning People!

So have you checked your mobile? Have you replied to all the messages? Have you seen people story, and judged them (Or maybe didn't reacted at all)? 

I hope you are done with your this morning ritual, and so you landed here.   

But I want to ask you a question, "Does all this morning stuff bought you something ( Even a slight positivity) ? " Answer honestly, 

I guess for most of us the answer will be negative (Or maybe Neutral). 

If that's the case have you ever wondered why do you do it then? If not, then please do read till end.

Most of us stay up till night on our phones, I guess everyone must have checked their mobiles before going to sleep. Then what would possibly have happened in that midnight course of 6-7 hours that you need to see as the first thing when you wake up? Think about it.

I never check my phone when I get up, because I personally think that mornings are a new beginnings, god has given you another 24 hours to make best possible use of it. Then why to start it with crap.
Carp? (You must be wondering why I used this word) Yes Crap.

After watching all posts and replying to all important messages before going to sleep, if you still find something new right in morning that too with a tag of 6 hours later / 5 hours later then, that is nothing but all the midnight thoughts that sleepless people vented out. Maybe they didn't even agree to it in the morning when they are in conscious state. I guess all of you agree that most of the dreams that we see are upside down kind of, that's the state of our mind when it reaches the time where it is trained to be sleeping. But despite of sleeping people are looking at black mirrors, and those posts or messages are subconscious reflection of their upside down dreams. That has nothing to do with reality, and looking at them will not benefit you. Instead it will take your precious time, that could have been used in a better way. 

We live in a world where people with cellphones in their hands have started to think of themselves creator of change. Everyone will agree that yes they have the right to freedom of speech, but deep beneath we all will agree that anytime when we saw something that is not aligned with our way of thinking, we start fighting with it (or giving contrary arguments to it) in our minds ( some even directly start banging those arguments in DMs of people). So all I want to say is all this stuff is worthy doing but surely not as the first thing in the morning.

That's what happens people when you wake up and directly look at your phone screen, you are actually opening door to all that negativity in your life. That will never benefit you. You should be attracting positive energy to your life as a starter of a fresh day.

Now, coming to what you can possibly do? 

You can open your eyes wide. Yes, I mean really open them to see the beauty of nature that you won't find even in the best of #morningvibes pictures with best of cameras on Instagram ( or anywhere, those pictures are all fake, they are not doing justice to the real beauty of nature. ) 

I personally do Yoga for about an hour, then I tend to read something. After at least 2 hours of waking up, I touch my phone.

Here's a little secret that I want to reveal. When you'll will start replying to chats after 3 hours of your waking up, people will take it as if you just woke up. Just think of how much productive work you can do in those 3 hours that the world will never know. Even people who are 24-7 connected with you will never understand where they lagged and where you succeed. Only you have the access to this secret of yours. That's what most of the successful people do, they keep their process of self improvement a secret.

I am done telling you the secret to success the best way I could. I hope next time when you'll be replying someone as good morning, that would be after 3 hours of your actual morning.

Take care, Attract positive vibes!