book of oz slot by James Schramko is one of those online slot games that make you wish you could live in the arcade your parents would have played. It's simplicity belies its complexity, though, and you'll soon find yourself itching for an attack. Each time you play, you earn credits which you then use to purchase items for your machine. When you run out of credits, however, the game ends and you have to wait until you have enough again to play.

Mega Money Multiplier follows the same formulaic gameplay of most other online slot games. The basic idea is that you stand a fairly good chance of earning a prize when you play a certain number of times. Mega Money Multiplier relies on three reels and nine paylines, which by itself is admittedly more than we're accustomed to. Use the keys to bet from zero to 150 credits per spin and let the reels rotate when you're ready. The game obviously has some degree of vintage nostalgia, as the graphics are similar to those of the 1980s retro gaming hits of that era.

A great deal of the difficulty level in Mega Money Multiplier stems from the fact that you must pay attention to what reels are available to you, and how much you'll pay for them. There are a total of nine reels, each with their own price and line of credits. Some are cheaper to play than others. If you pay attention when selecting the right reels, you should be able to increase your chances of winning.

There are a total of eleven symbols used on the nine reels in Mega Money Multiplier. Each symbol is worth a certain number of credits. The total possible payout is actually divided by the total number of credits at the bottom of the payline. In other words, the higher the amount of coins at the bottom of the payline, the higher the payout of any given symbol.

A lot of the fun in Mega Money Multiplier comes from trying to figure out which symbols are most likely to win. To do this, simply choose a reel that has a retro portable and look at the symbols on the payline, including any of the lowercase letters in the paytable. If there's a wild anywhere on the paytable, it will either make the symbol worth more or less credits. Since there are nine symbols, your chances of hitting the one that pays more will be much higher than if you were to play a regular slot machine.

Some people report that Mega Money Multiplier requires a fair amount of strategy. However, since the number of reels with these bonuses is relatively low, the only strategy you really need to employ is to determine which reels are worth using to maximize your payout potential. Remember, though, that the more spins you have on a reel, the better your chances are of hitting the maximum payout. This means that it is a good idea to put as much energy into the first few spins as possible. Eventually, though, the strategy should become clear, and you can start to increase your winnings per spins.