Oakland after school programs are extremely important to the community. The kids who go to these programs have a greater chance at living up to their full academic potential and earning a high school diploma or a GED. These programs benefit kids in many ways. They increase their success in school by providing them with extra support in subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

There are elementary afterschool programs at several different sites. The school has four indoor courts, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a multipurpose room and seating for a total of thirteen sports. The after school program runs every day for two hours. There is a school event on the second Saturday of the month that brings a variety of Oakland businesses together for a great shopping experience.

There is also a multi-use gym with an exercise room and swimming pool, and a community garden where children can play after school. Presidio Elementary hosts a Parent-Teacher Association every year where all parents can meet with the principal and other teachers to work on curriculum and homework. There are also afterschool programs at the School site, including a music band, a newspaper delivery service, a science center, art gallery, science, and technology labs, and a canteen where students can eat lunch.

The Oakland schools have a long-standing history of providing excellent educational opportunities to their pupils and they plan on continuing that success through continued support for their students and affiliates. Oakland elementary teachers have a lot of things they can do to strengthen relationships with parents, help students develop responsibility for themselves and their lives, increase their self-confidence, and make sure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers. With a third party involved in the day to day activities of an Oakland elementary school pupil it ensures that there is a very clear focus on academic success, character building, social skills, physical education, and other academics that all children need. The cooperation between these three important bodies have with each other helps to build a community spirit, which is so important for Oakland as a whole. The collaboration of the Oakland schools is truly a model to be followed by other districts throughout the nation.