What exactly is love? How would you define that?  Some says Love's a feeling of butterflies in stomach, Love is God's will for making you complete, love is cosing up to someone in a cold wintry night, or love is holding each other's hand; even when both are broken.

You think you got the answer of what is love. Isn't it? But,   sorry my friend, nope, you haven't got the actuality of love. Rather you have explained some aspects of love, or rather you just have set some examples or defined parameter in your eyes as to explain what is love to you accordingly.

Truth is love can never be bounded, or never be defined. The true definition of love or the exact answer to what is love can never be perceived. That's what makes love unique; one of a kind; or a worldly feeling; something which very few of us are blessed with. Love is something beyond the understanding level of our five,(some says six) senses of human body. Only closest explanation to love is selflessness, or the ability to give up someone's comfort zone, for the sake of somebody else, because that somebody's well being becomes your utmost priority.
Blessed are those who have the privilege of being soaked in the ocean of love.

But sometimes, do you ever think, what has created this love between two individuals? What is this something out of the blue factor, which has amalgamated all the cumulative feelings of two individuals and had resulted in creating a bond, that both of them would hope would last fora LIFETIME, a decade, or even in each and every  birth they take on this dear earth, in any living form.

What guarantees that two individuals won't give up on each other ever, given that in this globalization and fast paced world, all of us have a handful of choices , each lucrative and enticing enough to cause distraction, or develop second thoughts in heart.

That opens another broader definition to love. COMMITMENT. Yes , the ability of not giving up hope on each other, that capability and beleif that each partner has one on each other, that let high rise waves come, let raging inferno comes, let the whole world conspire to separate us, we won't leave each other, even if we need to make huge sacrifices for it, is the one which binds two individuals for the entirety of lifetime. This commitment comes from the selflessness in bondage that one partner has on other in each and every deed that they take in relationship, without expecting anything in return for it.

Because end of the day, laughing crying and dying in the lap of partner matter's, isn't it?