There are some phrases that have been buzzing around in my head for a few days now. The first one is from Jonah Sachs and he says: "A good marketing expert sees consumers as complete people, with all the aspects of real people. The second is from the father of modern advertising, David Ogilvy, and is "The consumer is not an idiot: she's your wife and join our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

Both are useful as an introduction to the topic I want to address today. They are intended to increase conversions and generate more leads through the blog and come to our Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.

Digital Articles on Digital marketing

We've talked about this before. The blog can be an extraordinary tool within a digital strategy to find new potential customers. Only this time I don't want to focus on content or editorial plans, but on an aspect that is often underestimated: the presence of shapes within the article, sidebars, and possible initial pop-ups and come to our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

In case you are wondering "but can a form or an output pop-up really increase my conversions? " you know, the answer is yes, and visit our Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.

And in the next few lines, you'll find out how that's possible. But let's proceed in order.

While it is clear how important it is to create content that addresses the issues related to your products/services in order to reach the right audience and optimize your efforts, it is equally true that readers must have the opportunity to be part of your community and you must allow them to perform the action for which you created this page and visit our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

Opportunities through digitalization

Think about it for a moment. A user reads an article in your blog and finds it particularly interesting. Very good! You've earned their trust.

Why don't you immediately offer him the opportunity to subscribe to your mail and get a contact person who is really interested in your products and services? Or give him an e-book, a computer graphic, or a discount coupon?

Many companies underestimate this aspect and do not foresee the possibility of contact within the articles, because they take for granted that someone who wants to subscribe can easily do so from other pages of the company's website and come to our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

Digital Marketing agency in Lahore

This is a colossal mistake.

Businesses also thrive on emotion. If your article has broken a potential customer's heart, you should not force them to find a way to keep in touch with your company, because this is not a simple "forgetting", but it becomes the best way to drive a customer away. Remember that the consumer is not an idiot. Try to see him not as a user but as a real person. Identify yourself. What would you do in his place?

... And just to be clear: not only do you have to make a hole in the customer's heart and maybe even in his head, but you have to make him buy. And going through the bag is usually less easy. We agree on that, don't we?

Before, during, or after? Where should I put the form?

Yes, but where?

The positioning of the form in the company's blog is a detail that can make a difference. Of course, there is no absolutely correct position; my advice is to make tests to understand where to place it.

Let's start with the fact that forms can serve different purposes, such as

- Subscribe to their mailing list

- Receive lead magnets or other content

- Request product updates or notifications.

- Register for a webinar or other event.

- Send your feedback in private

- Contacting sales or customer service

So to get the most out of it, you should first ask yourself what function the form should have within the blog. Here are some other ideas you may want to consider and join our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore.

Inserting it at the beginning can be a good solution because it is immediately visible at the top, but you have not yet convinced your readers to take action because they have not read your article and join our Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.

It's a good idea to insert it at the end, as long as the readers get to the end and read the whole article. Are you sure and get our Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.

Digital Solutions

The insertion in the center of the article could be an equally good solution, since it could facilitate reading, even visually, especially if the content is quite long. But you have to identify the right place to insert it, usually not in the middle of the article, but immediately after an extremely convincing sentence or immediately before a basic sentence join our Digital Marketing Agency in Lahore