People often wonder what is literature. Well it's often the books, poetry and plays written by the writers. But that's the textbook definition. It is so much more. It tells us about the era like the tale of two cities tells us about the conflicts in that era.

But literature is not only the telling of an era, it's also being transported into different places, imagining that we were there. Like The diary of a young girl tells us how the jews were inflicted by Hilter and how scared they were. By reading you get transported and can imagine the difficulties that Anne faces.

But reading books like pride and prejudice you get transported into the Victorian era and the live that exists between them is magical and you start wishing for a love like theirs. Literature is the writing that makes us readers transport to magical places by the authors. Cassandra Clare's shadowhunter series transports us into a supernatural world where there are hunter who hunt the supernatural and their fight against the demon. It is a thriller, mystery and supernatural novel. So many genres have opened up that readers can read about their favourite genre. Genres like mystery, thriller, horror and sci-fi etc have opened up. 

It's all to satisfy the hunger in our hearts and mind. Literature is what brings us together no matter the community or the place. You are reading the same book and still there is no different between the person.

It's not all about finishing your assignments, literature is a gift, that is miracle. It's what helps to shape our imagination and telling tales that we haven't heard.

So maybe reading classics, modern novels are a big piece that can be wonderful to our life if we start reading and let literature become a part of our life.