Do you want to find a fulfilling, career-oriented job? Then this is the article for you! In it, we'll cover every aspect of finding and landing your dream job. We'll talk about how to identify which type of work environment would be best for you, as well as what skills are in demand right now. We will also go over specific strategies that can help increase your chances of getting hired by top companies. If you're ready to find a great new opportunity, then keep reading!

- How do I know which type of job is the best fit for me? 

- What should my professional goals be? 

- What's trending now and why does it matter? 

- Where should I focus my search efforts on looking for jobs? (internal vs external) 

- Should I use recruiters or headhunters to get a job quickly?

- How can networking improve my chances at landing an interview with a company when there might not be any open positions available?

How do I know which type of job is the best fit for me? 

This might be difficult to answer. You first need to figure out if you prefer a more creative or analytical environment, and then use that as your starting point. If you are unsure about this question, we recommend reading through some online profiles by individuals who have successful careers in industries similar to what interested you before. Once you feel like there may be an option that would work well with your skillset and preferences, try searching on LinkedIn for people employed at these companies (if possible). Reach out directly via email or social media message with questions tailored around how they got their current position in order to get further insight into any pros/

What should my professional goals be? 

You should create a list of professional goals and then rank them in order from the most important to least. Sometimes this is not an easy task, but it can be done with some time spent thinking about what you want out of your career. This will also lead into how much money you would like to make as well as where you would prefer to work (i.e., location). For example: 

-Work for Microsoft in Seattle -Be paid $200K annually -Reside close by so that I don't have travel too far on my commute

Once these objectives are set, now it becomes easier to search for jobs that align with those things. You may need more experience or education before jumping right into one of your top objectives, but you should at least get started with the best match for your skillset.

-Work as a software developer -Earn $120K annually 

The most important step in this process is to start now and plan accordingly so that you can attain these goals and be on track for success. This guide will provide some direction on how to find career-fulfilling jobs!

What's trending now and why does it matter? 

As an individual, you may not have much power to shape what gets posted on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter (unless you're a celebrity). However, as someone who spends time browsing through these platforms every day for work purposes, I can't help but notice some trends that are worth mentioning here. And if all you're looking for is something new to read or watch while scrolling through your feed with coffee at hand- then keep reading! Here are three recent trends:

Movies based off books - Audiences seem more interested than ever in watching movies based off books. Most recently, people went to the cinema in droves to watch 'Ready Player One', a film adaptation of a novel by Ernest Cline.

Book adaptations - The second trend is book-to-film adaptations; most notably recent examples include "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Ender's Game." 

Self help books - Recent years have seen an explosion of self-help/self-improvement themed books on bestsellers lists. Books like “How To Win Friends & Influence People” or even the more niche “Tiny Buddha: Everyday Wisdom for Living Your Best Life Now!" seem to be as popular today as they were decades ago (or maybe it just feels that way because we're always in our phones).

Where should I focus my search efforts on looking for jobs? (internal vs external)

The answer is simple - just about everywhere! In the past, you would have been hard-pressed to find a job without going through an internal search process. Today, there are so many opportunities for employment and potential career paths that it makes perfect sense to look externally first. 

One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing sites like Topnigerianjobs, Indeed or LinkedIn both in your region and also all over the world if possible; these can be great places where employers post jobs on a regular basis as well as provide tools like mobile applications that will help you keep track of openings even when out at coffee shops or waiting in line at restaurants. Some websites offer services specific for those with disabilities who may need assistance finding work (such as Accessible Employment Opportunities) and some are geared to specific industries or positions (such as All-Tech Career).

Once you have found a potential job, figure out what the company does. This will help in several ways: one is that it may give insight into how your skills might be utilized at this particular organization; another is that by learning more about their mission and values, you can find common ground with them which could lead to future success. You should also research any other opportunities they offer within the company so there's something else for you when/if this position doesn't pan out. 

Keep an eye on social media sites like Facebook for employer pages where they announce new jobs-- just make sure not to stalk them!

Should I use recruiters or headhunters to get a job quickly?

"Headhunters and Recruiters are different in the following way: a recruiter works for you, so they're looking for jobs that fit your skillset; whereas headhunters work for companies who want to fill positions with specific skill sets." 

- Look for companies you admire and research their mission, values, goals, work culture - Find common ground with them to show your interest in the company 

- Research any other opportunities they offer within the company so there's something else for you when/if this position doesn't pan out. 

Finally, don't forget to take care of yourself and keep an eye on your own needs. Think about what style you prefer in a job as well as its location. Remember that if it sounds like the perfect fit for you but there's one thing holding back approval or enthusiasm from others (such as being too far away), then more than likely it isn't worth pursuing at this time.

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