It's all about packaging with luxury if you choose custom rigid boxes. These enclosures improve the visual behavior and handling experience of your products. 

Their distinctive ability is increased longevity. Despite advanced mechanical equipment, many of their construction work is done by hands. Their primary resource is robust cardboard, which must be hand-pasted, so it's expensive. Just a little pricey, don't worry.

Sometimes many customers refuse to come into the arena of Rigid Boxes; they believe that it will cost them more cash. I have collected several vital clues, look at the following guidelines, and you'll be there. 

  1. Find the Appropriate Vendor
  2. Customized Choices
  3. First Run
  4. Huge Orders
  5. Type of Shipment

Find the Appropriate Vendor

Decide what you need, beforehand. List every aspect, such as how many colors on your package you want to print.

What measurements will be appropriate for your cover (LxWxH)? Which specifics are you searching for? What additional tweaks are you looking for? 

After the requirements are met, start your supplier search–this is the most challenging phase, the best supplier to catch.

But it doesn't end here after that; you must get an affordable quote.

Sometimes it's a sticky hunt. It becomes like crawling and creeping. You go to one page and then another website for your search. 

One manufacturer gives high prices; other vendors cannot respond to you according to your schedule. Agreed, it's super boring. But. You have to do it for yourself. 

Customized Choices

Let’s first talk about customization packaging. But what exactly it is? 

Enhancement. It's, in fact, like a makeover. It's all the luxury you want in your crafted and assembled boxes. 

For example, when you go for special printing of gold or silver colors, it's expensive compared to the regular CMYK format. And if you're going to have to emboss it or deboss, prices are going to increase more.

When you print pictures with laminations, UVs, etc., you again pay.

Remember that because of more swanky choices, you would increase the price sheet. Try to keep it simple. Rigid boxes will become more prodigious in their design and appeal.

First Run

Do you need the products in bulk quantity? Are you new to productions? Don't immediately jump into the water. Fly slow. You should initially produce a limited number of units to get a basic idea of the method. 

Consider it just like a project in a small run. Request the Supplier to produce fewer units. The whole production process will give you some clues. You're going to be well known for all its ups and downs. Go for big orders when you're ready.

Huge Orders

Whenever you go to the suppliers for your packaging, they ask you about MOQ first of all. They want a large quantity. 

But if your necessary encasements are less, they can push you to increase the volume of the shipment. Okay, they have valid reasoning in their minds.

Fewer boxes mean more consumption of resources and an equal number of employees working on minimum or maximum units. They are going through similar manufacturing processes that relate for standard or larger orders.

So how do you in this situation get an affordable price? If needed, go as voluminous as you can after the initial run.

If suppliers get a lot of production volume, they can offer you the most competitive rates. 

A significant number of units begin the race between the suppliers. They sprint at the lowest prices possible. 

Therefore, if you can, make an offer for more volume. Economic efficiency can be seen. 

Type of Shipment

Many packaging companies offer free shipping services in the United States and Canada. 

But what kind of delivery practices would you ask for? Your products are delivered, whether by road, air, or sea. Obviously, it takes longer to reach you on the street and by the river. 

If you are being sent by air, you may tell them to choose by road option or (when possible) by sea. It will reduce costs. Thus, you can get lower prices. 

I hope this information has been useful for you. If you had more questions about custom luxury boxes, I would be pleased to hear from you. Visit for featured products.