What Fabric Material Is Good For Women Pajamas

Women clothes on fabrics classification is that we should pay attention to when choosing one of the most important factor, according to different skin type, and living habits, the choice of fabric are especially important, and for the famously comfortable pajamas, due to different fabric version also is very different, if you want to choose suits own pajamas, understanding of sleepwear fabrics cannot little, Let's take a look at some of the most common categories of pajamas. Our common cotton fabrics are cotton as raw material, and then through the exquisite craft of textile processing to produce this type of fabric can be used, its softness are strong, also has the function of moisture absorption heat so we are one of the most common types of fabrics of pajamas women, and this kind of cloth pajamas mostly affordable, distributed in each season, So they are loved by women. Ice silk is a kind of denatured viscose fiber, which belongs to chemical fiber products. It is generally made of cotton staple and wood as raw materials and obtained through artificial optimization processing. , it has good hygroscopicity, permeability. This kind of fiber hygroscopicity, air permeability, and touch smooth cool, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet is very consistent with the physiological requirements of human skin, but also often used in light and thin pajamas. Silk fabrics of raw materials generally refers to silk, the most commonly used are mulberry silk, cassava, silk, etc., it belongs to a kind of special types of silk fabrics, it is almost touch and ice silk fabrics, are softness is stronger, and the surface is smooth, but also easy to hook yarn, and the fabric of elastic resistance is poorer, although version enough loose, but still have certain restriction, So pay attention to that when you're choosing.

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