Holding the box, seeing it, and feeling the existence is the first interaction of the customer with a product, which must be effective and memorable. It highlights the fact that customers experience with the brand is not limited to the online presence but extends to the in-person experience with the product once it reaches in the hands of the customer.

Imagine receiving a plain brown bland box at your doorstep and that too of your most awaited parcel?

How disappointing!

It is not what you want to do to your customers and your brand!

Here comes to the rescue, custom shipping boxes. They are specifically tailored to meet your shipping requirements but it is in YOUR hands to consider some of the most important factors which make them effective.


Certainly, it is the most important factor while choosing custom shipping boxes for your products because there is a wide range of options that vary in their price according to the size, strength, and other factors like styles and designing.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

While choosing custom shipping boxes it is important to take care of sizes because getting oversize boxes will not only buy you misconception about the products but it also holds more chances of damage. 

Custom packaging offer customers to choose the sizes according to the product size as perfectly fitting cartons for products save a lot of extra money that could come on the material plus provide better containment, keeps the product in a place that avoids damage and breakage during shipping. 

For instance, tuck end cover boxes come in all the sizes that can easily fit products like medicines, food items, cosmetics, retail products and many more.

The Right Material


Strength is what shipping boxes demand as they have to travel from one place to the other and there are potential chances of getting the product ruined due to any mishap. 

Cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard give the strongest packaging solution. They can be adjusted in thickness according to the need of the item you are going to ship. 

The material speaks for strength and quality.

Type of Box

Cannot be ignored!

The variety is unlimited; just look for the type you need as delicate products needs packaging different than a product that could endure shocks and falls. 

  • Tab locking box
  • Mailers
  • Slotted containers
  • Panel folders

Tuck End Cover Boxes 

If protection is your first priority, then tuck end cover boxes are perfect for you. 

Tuck end cover boxes are the most secure and sturdiest boxes. They have an extended lid that gives secure packaging keeping the product safe inside the box.


The most crucial part is to send the product in customers hand in one piece without any damage. To make shipping effective it is important to provide overall protection to the product from the inside as well. If you are dealing with fragile items it is important to secure them with additional cushioning inside the carton as internal friction can be challenging. 

Make It Memorable 

Adding the colors of your brand, logo, imagery, prints, and patterns on custom boxes for shipping, you can create a cohesive brand experience. Custom printing appeal customers and also helps in developing brand awareness and reinforcement. 

Go for lamination, foiling, and embossing for custom logos or handwritten notes to enhance the worth of your package and the brand.


Do not overlook the sustainability of the package as it is most appreciated by the customers. Paper packaging is the most sustainable; it is biodegradable and recyclable. 

You can get custom tuck end cover boxes made up of corrugated cardboard that gives the maximum protection to the products and is cheapest than any other packaging that is available in the market. 

Happy shipping!