NBA 2K21 is a basketball video simulation game developed and released by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports according to the National Basketball Association. This is the next generation of NBA 2K 20. NBA 2K20 MT is a new game mode in the NBA 2K series. It is used to build your own team. You need to complete constant challenges in it, and you need to invest more energy to manage them. Known as NBA 2K20 MT.

NBA 2K21 PS5 conference and Xbox X related information announced by Microsoft, it is not difficult to find from it that the NBA2K series will be released in the second half of this year. NBA 2K21 is a new work in the "NBA 2K" series of super sports game IP under 2K Games. It is now available for pre-sale on all platforms, and its standard version is priced at $59.9 on Steam. In response to price increases, the US video game website Polygon also interviewed 2K Games executives. He said: “We believe that this new price fully reflects the value presented by the game. NBA 2K21 will be a milestone in the series and will It has excellent visual effects on the next-generation console." The last price increase of 3A games was in 2005, when the price of PS3 and Xbox 360 masterpieces increased from $49 to $59.99, and continues to this day. In the past few years, although the image quality, content and expressiveness of 3A games have improved, few manufacturers have used this to increase prices.

The cost growth of 3A games has far exceeded revenue growth, and whether its development model is sustainable. There are even voices in the industry that the cost of next-generation 3A game development will inevitably double. Shawn Layden, former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, “Since I joined the game industry, the price of these games has been $59.99, but the development cost has increased tenfold. The huge changes in development costs have caused This model will become more difficult." With the decline of the entire game console market, the number of game players for 3A game services has been stagnant for a long time.

As the game console market stops growing, game manufacturers can only divide existing cubes. In order to remain competitive, although the cost of 3A games is rising, they can only get higher sales, and whoever increases the price first means that it may lose market share first. In addition to the companion factor, players are also vulnerable to rising game prices under the influence of habits. Previously, the Japanese manufacturer launched two games: "Neil: Automata" and "Octagon Traveler", whose prices have risen on Steam, which can be clearly seen from the large-scale criticism and resistance of players. If you want to buy NBA 2K21 MT, please check NBA2K21MT. For those players who don't have time to grind but still want to enjoy the fun of 3A games, this is the right way.