Anything attempted for the first time creates a thrill within a person . The feelings experienced by first time teachers have been brought to the fore. Talking to several school and college teachers who shared their first time teaching experience, made me realize teaching is a demanding profession. The umpteen degrees possessed by any teacher doesn't help much. It is years of practice which makes a perfect teacher.

The teacher researches well for the first class as he or she wants to create a good impression on the students as it is said 'First impression is the last impression.' No teacher wants to look foolish or ill informed about the subject he or she would be teaching. Every teacher takes pains to dress well, learn well and talk well. But even after so much preparation entering a class makes a teacher feel nervous and he or she suffers from a stage fright. Flustered to see a new environment, new faces can cause anxiety and many first time teachers are unable to teach. They become incoherent and are unable to deliver a lecture for the first time. They know they are being judged by the students , due to this they falter and sometimes become a laughing stock among their students. Even the best of teachers have faced this problem but only with years of teaching they have shed off there inhibitions. 

 Students who were taught by first time teachers too showed different reactions. Some were scared as the teacher might judge them wrongly, some didn't like the teacher's explaining skills, some felt the teacher wasn't confident and some felt the teacher showed over confidence. Some tried to test the teacher's patience by creating a nuisance in class. Very few students could relate well with the teacher.

So the first day is the judgement day for both the first time teacher and student.  

First time teachers should follow the following pointers to create an inviting classroom.

1 Introduce yourself- sharing a little personal information about one self can be an ice-breaker between students and the teacher. This will be less intimidating for students and they will start trusting the teacher.

2 Allow students to introduce themselves- this will be make the environment more conducive and the students will become friendly and the teacher will develop a good rapport with them.

3 Discuss and evaluate the room environment together- discuss about charts,posters, birthday charts etc to make the classroom more presentable and inviting place.

4 Course overview- discuss the syllabus and make a lesson plan and take the help of the students to make this.It will help them to get more involved.

5 Departmental expectations- talk about the rules and  expectations required by the students.

6 Presentation of material- how they have to present their work and how it should be done in a meticulous fashion.

7 Expectations of class time- punctuality should be maintained by all students and no one would be excused for coming late without valid reason.

8 Expectations outside class- the behavior outside class should be dignified and students should follow a certain protocol after school ends.No rowdyism or hooliganism would be tolerated.

9Teacher responsibilities- to help the students with lessons and clearing their doubts.

10 Student responsibilities- to be honest and hard-working and paying attention to their work.

11 Assessment- regular assessment in the form of tests,assignments,work sheets to be done by the students

12 Cooperation- students should know they would have to be cooperative to get proper attention from the teacher.

If a teacher follows these on the first day he will perform well and manage to befriend his students. They will develop a trust in the teacher and consider the teacher a friend, philosopher and guide. Even an unruly class will become disciplined.

Students too need to give due respect, a attentive  ear to what is being taught,  learn from  the teacher instead of  judging  him. He is qualified  and is imparting knowledge  and students are to grasp it. So the more the students interact the better they will be taught.