Let me go back in time I was in class 11th and our preboards were going to start soon and I was getting a bit jittery. I was a pro in Biology and I knew I would be able to score the highest as always. I was busy cramming the facts and diagrams and having a sharp memory I retained them at one go. But a day before the Biology exam I developed a mental block and couldn't focus well. But  I was over confident that I was well prepared and I would solve all the questions.

As soon as the exam paper was handed to me , I was on cloud nine.The questions were far too easy and to score the highest would be a cake walk. I started answering the questions with gusto and reached the end of the question paper. Now I was in for a shock as I saw compulsory and tough questions from a difficult chapter. I had overlooked the chapter as I had seen the ten year paper graph where no questions had been asked from that chapter. There were beads of perspiration on my forehead as I had not even glanced at the chapter and only half- an- hour was left for the  exam  to complete. I was bit by anxiety but only for a second.

On a ruse I decided to make a tale with a single word I had read in the chapter. I made a cock and bull story and took two extra sheets which bewildered my classmates as they were still pondering over their questions. With sheer temerity I handed my answer sheet to the invigilator.

Next day the teacher brought our checked papers and wanted to discuss our mistakes. Now I was a bit worried as my bravado was going for a toss. I waited for the teacher to point fingers at me and scoff at my ignorance. She started by anouncing the list of failures and I waited for my name in the list.  I got a ray of hope that maybe she had overlooked that question. Soon it was the average list and still my name wasn't called. Suddenly my name was anounced as the highest scorer. I thought there was a mistake but others had scored worse than me.Even my cock and bull story held some relevance. I had outsmarted the examiner.