There will be a glow in the life with friends circle. The life activities enhances in one's life with the friends. It is up to one self to choose good friends for long lasting acquaintance. Such good friends come to rescue at a point of difficulty, at which time the value of friend and friendship is known. Even own brothers won't help rather friends help. 

The friendship should not be one way meter gauge type but it should be broad gauge friendship and should be reciprocal and also the friendships should have constant touch in communication wherever they are and at whichever place they are and also in what position they are. A person cannot stay and stand alone and definitely there is a need to have a friend in one's life, preferably an average, moderate or a good understanding friend, may be a male friend or a female friend or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but an honest and real friend is needed. 

One can observe that boys after completing their education, for haunt of job, a group of friends stay in a small room, for settling in life through job and try for job prospects. So also girls also try foe their jobs while staying in girls hostels. So everywhere friendship is seen but how best the friends are will be known in years to come.