Our Choicest Pre-wedding Shoot Props and Backdrops

Every couple in love will be brimming with romance and admiration for each other. These moments in time are so precious and beautiful that they deserve to be framed into memories for a lifetime. A pre-wedding shoot is one of the best, most creative and fun ways to capture some priceless memories before the couple begin their life’s journey together. We at Subodh Bajpai Wedding Photography are passionate about our pre wedding photography projects and use the trendiest props, backdrops and locations to get the ultimate results. Here are our choicest props and backdrops and how we use them to the best effects.

  • The glory of nature: Natural settings are our all time favorite. Right from a neighborhood park to the mysterious snow kissed mountains and golden beaches, nature perfectly suits all kinds of pre-wedding shoots. A natural setting can be selected based on the couple’s vision of the shoot and their budget. Even a simple botanical garden can be quirked up with some lights and accessories to shoot a stunning pre-wedding shoot. 
  • Mystical monuments: There is a magic about those old hawelis, palaces and ruins that seem to strike a chord with us. These settings beautifully juxtapose the young love that the couples share and help us to get some wonderful shots. We often suggest our clients wear bright clothes or dress up regally to create a contrast with the monuments. 
  • The charm of water: A seasoned wedding photographer can use water as a prop or backdrop in ways more than one. A light drizzle of rain, a waterfall or a lake, swimming pools, fountains, the ocean or a river side can be seamlessly incorporated into pre wedding photography to bring in the charm of water. We have always loved the idea of using boats and houseboats on a beautiful lake to add romance to the shoots. One of our favorite shots is to capture the reflection of the bride or the couple in a moonlit pool. Underwater photography is quite a favorite trend as well among young couples and renders the most stunning images. 
  • The wheels of all kinds: Wheels of any kind are always a fun prop during a pre-wedding shoot. For a sporty shoot we love our clients posing with super bikes and cars. A romantic bike ride pose is an all time favorite too. Our stylists work on the attire and the look of the couple to get the perfect shot. We prefer using beautiful landscape as the background for biker themed photoshoots. On the other hand, carts and chariots add a touch of ethnicity to the photoshoots with traditional themes. Couple dressed in their traditional best riding a bullock cart in a paddy or mustard field is such a Bollywood style idea!
  • Adorable pets: Many of our clients are very close to their pets and insist on including them into a pre-wedding shoot. We adore the idea and go all creative with the pets. One can use anything from a lovebird to a goldfish to dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, a flock of pigeons to any of the more exotic animals in photoshoots. While working with pets during a pre wedding photoshoot in Delhiwe have to be on our toes to capture their best poses. 
  • Musical instruments and their melody: Love and music always complement each other. Incorporating musical instruments into a pre-wedding shoot makes the images look utterly romantic. The guy playing a guitar or a violin to his lady love or the girl engrossed in playing an organ while her beau admires here are favorite poses. We get a lot of room for creativity by playing with lights and background in such shoots as well. 

With every pre-wedding photography shoot we try to do something different. A fine balance between experimentation with the props and sticking to trusted techniques helps us deliver some mesmerizing shots every single time. 

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