Oprah Winfrey is a renowned American media proprietor, actress, producer, philanthropist, and television chat show hostess. She is known for her talk show 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'.In history,

 it is one of the high rated programmes of its kind. She is the richest African  American and North America's first multi- billionaire black person.But to reach this place she underwent a lot of struggle.


Oprah Winfrey was born on an isolated farm in Mississippi on January 29th 1954.She was originally named ORPAH from the Bible but due to spelling difficulty, it became OPRAH.Her unmarried parents left her in the care of her maternal grandmother and they separated.She lived on the farm and since she had no playmates her hobby was playacting in front of her audience(farm animals).She was a bright child she addressed the Church Congregation at the age of two. At six she was sent to the North to live with her mother and again at twelve, she was sent to live with her father in Nashville.Here she started giving speeches in churches and social gatherings and she got paid for it.She got an inkling that she wanted to be' paid to talk'.She was again called back by her mother but here she went through sexual abuse by family members.Her mother did odd jobs and had no time to look after her and again she was sent back to her father.


Her father gave her a direction in life, he guided her books and rules.He made rules which required doing weekly reports and learning five new words daily.If she broke rules she wasn't given food.

She became an excellent student and excelled in extra-curricular hobbies like debates ,speeches, drama and student council.One such speech helped her to procure a full scholarship to Tennesse University. She was even invited to the Whitehouse conference on youth, then she was made a newscaster at the Nashville radio station. She became Miss  Black Nashville and Miss Tennesse during her freshman days at the university.

She was offered a job by CBS or Columbia Broadcasting System and she became the first African American co-anchor of the evening news. She was just 19 years old.


After graduation WJ Z- TV in Baltimore,Maryland appointed her to do local news-updates and her popularity grew.Within no time American Broadcasting Company hired her.In January 1984 she moved to Illinois and became an anchor with A.M.Chicago a morning talk show.The show had bad ratings before she joined but with her expertise it got a top rating.Within three  months of joining i.e in September 1985, it was named as 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' Soon she was noticed and was asked to act in a movie made on the novel' The Color Purple.' She won a lot of fame with this movie.

Her talk show won lots of Emmys for the best talk show. She was named  Woman Of Achievement by National Organisation Of Women. 

She formed her own production company Harpo,inc in August 1986.  In September 1996 she started an on-air reading club.

Today she is one of the wealthiest women in America and highest paid entertainer in the world.But she is the biggest philanthropist and aids out people needing her help.

She has honorary degrees from Duke and Harvard.She won the Presidential Medal Of Freedom in 2013.She is a true inspiration  , through trial and tribulations  she has reached the top.