Unstoppable dreams

Dreams that people see,dreams they want to achieve people in day to day life or people from everywhere knows how to see dreams but there are very less people who proves dreams never die ,many movies, serials,advertisements etc shows the daily news about this topic we know we do but some people feels bad when they think they didn't gave their 100% some people defeating their life and hopes but if something goes bad in ending so this is not ending this is starting of an another journey to give good and happiness in ending for a happy ending.

Just like our films,in our lives also everything becomes fine till the end .... a happy ending.  It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart then the whole universe will work towards getting you that . I have wanted you so much,so truly.....t that the entire universe has conspired for me to get you.But i want to hire you by nothing because you are not a product you are a dream to achieve, SRK from Omm Shanti Omm.

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